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Crew of the JUNIPER

Crew members at firefighting training

Crew members of the JUNIPER received basic firefighting training at NAVSTA Newport's Training Building in February of 2012. Photographer unknown.

Crew on Buoy Deck

While working ATON in Ambrose Channel near NYC in November 2013, crew members take a break from the buoy to pose for a picture.  Photo courtesy of LTJG Young. 

Want to see more pictures of what happens on a Coast Guard buoy tender? Click on "Pictures" in the menu to see more of JUNIPER, her crew, and the exciting events that JUNIPER partakes in all around the world! 

JUNIPER Billet Structure

Interested to see how the command structure works onboard? Click the link below!                 JUNIPER Billet Structure graph.

Last Modified 12/19/2014