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LCDR A. B. Caudle

We have the unique opportunity of working on the most sophisticated cutter class in the Coast Guard in one of the most demanding environments – the coastal waters of Coast Guard District One. JUNIPER’s day to day operations carrying out a spectrum of missions will be challenging, sometimes stressful, and potentially dangerous. Whether sailing in harm’s way or conducting routine business, remember that you represent the unit, service and country in everything you do. Conduct yourself as a professional mariner, and always keep Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty selected as your primary navigational aid.

JUNIPER’s primary mission is to serve the multi-mission Coast Guard and the U.S. taxpayer. As such, you must ensure that you and all of your subordinates seek and maintain the highest levels of multi-mission readiness through proper training and equipment. Maintaining this high level of multi-mission readiness will truly make JUNIPER Semper Paratus, ensure a safe work environment, and also pay large dividends in your personal career development.

Strong leadership, followership, and teamwork are essential. Despite the complex technology onboard, our crew remains our most valuable resource, and they will be treated as such, regardless of race, creed or gender, both up and down the chain. To do so, we must foster open communications, continually focus on professional growth, take care of our families and support our fellow crewmembers. Treat each other as brothers and sisters as there are few greater bonds outside of family than being a shipmate. This bond will be hardened through our varied missions and you will find it will last a lifetime.

Take pride in yourself, your fellow crew, and your ship. Through our multi-mission operations, strong professionalism, and positive leadership, JUNIPER will earn a reputation as a can-do cutter of choice. Your dedication and commitment are essential.

Last Modified 1/12/2016