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Coat of Arms

Juniper's Coat of Arms


Per chevron embattled Azure and Argent a pale all counterchanged, a naval sword point up palewise Proper, in dexter chief within a circlet of thirteen mullets an anchor Or, in sinister chief a silhouette of a buoy of the second.

From a wreath Argent and Azure an annulet of rope Proper supporting a pole star of the second theron two lightning flashes saltirewise Gules, overall, demi-torch of the first enflamed Or (as on the Statue of Liberty).

A scroll Argent fimbriated Azure and inscribed “LEADING THE WAY” Gules.

On either side of the shield a Juniper branch fructed Proper.

The coat of arms blazoned in full color on a white disc enclosed by a dark blue boarder edged on the outside with a gold chain and inscribed “USCGC JUNIPER” above and “WLB 201” below in gold.


USCGC Juniper is the lead ship of a new fleet of sea-going, multi-mission buoy tenders. The colors of the field are counterchanged to signify unity and cooperation. The upright sword on the pale alludes to the number “1” and being first in a class of new cutters. The sword also stands for military readiness and maritime law enforcement. The five battlements on the chevron partition line represent the five major missions of the USCGC Juniper: Aids to Navigation, maritime Homeland Security, Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, and Marine Environmental Protection. The anchor encircled by thirteen stars is adapted from the state flag of Rhode Island, where USCGC Juniper is based. The stylized buoy highlights the cutter’s primary mission to maintain Aids to Navigation.

The torch is adopted from the Statue of liberty, a symbol of freedom throughout the world, which is in the USCGC Juniper’s area of responsibility that extends from Massachusetts to New Jersey. The compass rose, comprised of a polestar, lightning flashes and ring of rope, symbolizes leadership, guidance and the search and rescue mission. The lightning flashes also underscore the state of the art electronics of our modern Coast Guard Cutters.

The Juniper tree is a tenacious, hardy, and resilient tree. The two branches represent the old WLM 224 and the new WLB 201 cutters named Juniper.

Last Modified 1/12/2016