Breaking the rock free from the Buoy

Cleaning the deck after ATON evolutions
on the BUSL

Utilizing CG Helo to drop off ATON batteries
onto Romer Shoal Lighthouse

Roosevelt Reef 17 tower with UN Building

 Crew of Busl setting a buoy

Birds eye view of TANB from top of Romer
Shoal Lighthouse

Crew of Busl departing after setting a Buoy

Romer Shoal Lighthouse after painting with
the assistance of USCGC Sturgeon Bay

The Crew of ANT NY awarded the the Sumner I. Kimball Award after the Readiness and Standardization Assessment Team visit

Kids visit ANT NY

Children from the Good Hue Summer Camp and the Englewood Summer Day camp watched on as crew members conduct a pre brief prior to pyrotechnic demonstrations.

Crew at Empire State Building
The crew of ANT New York at the top of the Empire State Building for the 4-year re-enlistment of Boatswains Mate Third Class Bonnie Gonzalez
Gonzalez Re-enlistment

Boatswains Mate Third Class Bonnie Gonzalez reciting the enlistment oath, read by Master Chief Boatswains Mate Joseph Wright, at the top of the Empire State Building  

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