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Community Relations

The Air Station Cape Cod Community Relations Office is responsible for coordinating all activities between the Air Station and the local community.

The COMREL office is responsible for the following:

Please contact LTJG J. Travis Christy at or 508-968-6317 with any Community Relations requests.

Partnership in Education

The Coast Guard’s PIE program emphasizes four strategies for effectiveness:

  1. quality achievement – improved test scores, increased student interest and increased school attendance;

  2. excellence in education – enhanced student learning in reading , math, the sciences, computer learning and drug awareness;

  3. Improved educational opportunities – varied participation in classroom instruction;

  4. and improved Coast Guard visibility – to create greater awareness and understanding of the Coast Guard and its roles and missions in today’s society.

To date, civilian and military employees of the Coast Guard have donated over 432,063 volunteer hours to the PIE program. 

At Air Station Cape Cod, volunteers regularly participate in an after school homework club at Otis Elementary School. These volunteers are comprised of active duty members from local Coast Guard and Air Force units, as well as military dependents and base civilian employees. Throughout the year, more than 200 volunteer hours are donated to build student performance in math, reading, and science and to help prepare them for end of year testing.

For opportunities to get involved and make a difference in the education of America’s youth, please contact the Air Station Quarterdeck at 508-968-6800.

Please contact LTJG J. Travis Christy at or 508-968-6317 with any Education related requests.

Last Modified 1/12/2016