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Physical Exams Department

Types of Physical Exam available at Kaehler Memorial Clinic:

PHA and other physical exams are conducted Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for active duty and eligible CG Ready Reserve members enrolled to Kaehler Memorial Clinic.

To schedule a physical exam contact our Front Desk at (508) 968-6782/6572

You can schedule your PHA/Physical 90 days before your birthdate. Ensure your physical exam is completed in time to meet readiness regulations. Do not wait until your actual birth month to schedule your appointments. You may not get everything completed and risk going “Red” in your readiness standards and aviation personnel will risk receiving a "Down Chit".

Periodic Health Assessment

PHA’s are completed annually by your birth month. In order to remain within readiness standards, you must have your PHA completed by the end of your birth month.

Flight Duty Medical Exam (FDME Long Form):

FDME is performed every two years for aviation personnel who meet the requirements. The same scheduling window for PHA’s applies for the FDME.

This will be a two stage physical exam:

FDME Preliminary Testing:

  1. You must fast for blood work for 12 hours prior to your physical exam. Fasting means you eat nothing at all. You may drink water and are encouraged to drink a lot of water.
  2. If you wear glasses and have not had an eye exam in the last 24 months you must schedule an eye exam with an outside provider. Do not wear your contact lenses, wear your glasses


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