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Same day appointments are reserved for acute medical or dental conditions.
Walk-in or “sick call” type of service is not offered by this clinic.
To schedule a same day appointment please call: (508) 968-6572 / 6582

Same day appointments are set aside throughout the day in order to provide our customers the flexibility to schedule an appointment for an acute illness or injury.

The Clinic's Access Standards require those with emergencies to be seen immediately, those with acute conditions to be seen within 24 hours and those with routine issues within seven days.

Missed Appointments: Patients must keep their medical appointments and "No Shows" will not be tolerated. Appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Cancelling an appointment can be accomplished by calling our front desk during normal work hours. In an effort to reduce the amount of missed appointments and maximize appointment availability the clinic has implemented the following policies:

  1. Patients more than 10 minutes late for their appointment will be rescheduled;
  2. Failed appointments will result in the notification of the member’s supervisor and may result in disciplinary action if it is determined that the "no-show" was due to the patient’s irresponsibility.


Our clinic follows an open access model for acute care. We offer limited “Space Available” appointments for beneficiaries (dependants, retirees) who are NOT enrolled in TRICARE Prime or the U.S. Family Health Plan (USFHP). Space available care is limited for patients aged two – 65. Active duty dependants can check for acute care availability up to 72 hours in advance. Retirees and their dependants can check for availability 24 hours in advance. Space available care is reserved for acute care of uncomplicated health conditions. Patients presenting for chronic care needs will be evaluated by our providers and then referred back to their primary care manager.


Coast Guard Reserve and National Guard personnel must bring their orders with them when report for appointments during normal working hours MON-FRI. Your eligibility will be verified and determined by the Clinic Supervisor. Reserve health care is limited to acute conditions that occurred while on an active duty status. The clinic is not open on weekends or afterhours. Please contact our Duty HS1 Cell phone for advice & guidance at: (508) 274-9652

Reserve personnel are also reminded that if you are sick or injured you are not authorized to report for duty. Contact your supervisor and report your situation prior to departing your home to attend reserve weekend drills or other activities.


Military personnel must be in the appropriate uniform of the day when reporting to KMC unless they are in a leave status. Appropriate civilian attire is also required: no hats, no sleeveless shirts, no open toed shoes, and no profane or vulgar shirts.


Physical Therapy Department

The Physical Therapy (PT) Department: Staffed with a part-time contract physical therapist and the PT services are limited to Active Duty patients only.

X-Ray Department: Staffed by an Advanced X-Ray Technician and utilizes a CR X-ray system.

Smoking Cessation Program: We offer appointments for active duty personnel only. Treatments are tailored by our Pharmacist for each individual patient. Appointments can be made by calling our front desk at (508) 968-6572/6582

Laboratory: Staffed by a Health Services Technician. Limited amounts of laboratory tests are conducted in-house and most laboratory samples are sent to a contract diagnostics company or local hospital.

Immunizations: We provide vaccinations to all eligible beneficiaries, with the exception of the flu vaccine. All other immunizations will need an order (prescription) from your Primary Care Manager. For guidance on current immunization recommendations, please visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) or Military Vaccine Agency. Please note that some vaccines may not be available and the clinic should be contacted in advance to determine availability. Call (508) 968-6572/6582 and ask to speak with the immunization department Petty Officer.

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