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Bourne Public Schools

Each of the 15 towns on the Cape maintains its own school system. Children who live on base and choose to attend public schools do so in the school system of the Town of Bourne.

The Otis Memorial School has been closed since 2009. Students who reside on base who normally attend Otis Memorial (Pre-K, K) will now attend Bournedale Elementary School or (Grade 1-4) Peebles School.

Families living on base wishing to enroll their children in Bourne Public Schools should contact the Bournedale Elementary School at (508) 743-3800 with any questions regarding registration for the 2012-2013 school year.

Bourndale Elementary School
Grades K-4
41 Ernest Valeri Rd
Bournedale, MA 02532
Phone: (508) 743-3800

Bourne Middle School
Grades 5 - 8
77 Waterhouse Road
Bourne, MA 02532
Phone: (508) 759-0690

Bourne High School
Grades 9 - 12
75 Waterhouse Road
Bourne, MA 02532
Office Phone: (508) 759-0670
Guidance Phone: (508) 759-0676

Bourne School Committee meetings are held on the first
Wednesday of each month and are open to the public.

The Administrative Offices of the Bourne Public Schools
36 Sandwich Road
Bourne, MA 02532
Phone: (508) 759-0660

Last Modified 1/12/2016