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search-rescueCommanding Officer's Welcome Letter

Congratulations and welcome to Air Station Cape Cod.

Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod was established in 1970 as one of several tenant commands at the Massachusetts Military Reservation when Air Station Salem, MA and Air Detachment Quonset Point, RI were consolidated here. Since the Air Force vacated the base in 1973 “Cape Cod Air” has evolved into the largest active-duty military command on what is now known as Joint Base Cape Cod (JBCC).

Air Station crews fly both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft to perform a variety of Coast Guard missions. The primary mission, Search & Rescue (SAR), involves the protection of life and property in the offshore areas from the Canadian boarder to central New Jersey. Since 1970, Air Station Cape Cod each year has averaged 300 SAR cases, 110 lives assisted/saved, and $15 million in property rescued. These statistics make “Cape Air” one of the busiest SAR units in the country.

Jayhawk HH-60J Helicopter Air Station Cape Cod is operational with four Sikorsky MH-60T “Jayhawk” helicopters replacing the three HH-3F “Pelican” helicopters that served proudly. Air Station Cape Cod also employs the latest addition to the Coast Guard aviation inventory, the HC-144A. In the summer of 2013 the HC-144A "Ocean Sentry" took over all fixed-wing duties from the venerable HU-25 Falcon . All aircraft are multi-mission assets used for search and rescue, maritime law/fisheries enforcement, pollution response, aids to navigation support, antidrug enforcement operations, logistical support, and International Ice Patrol operations.

The Air Station encompasses over 1400 acres, 425 buildings, and 18.5 miles of paved roads. Our housing units provide homes for all five branches of the military, NOAA, and USPHS. The Coast Guard operates most support services on base including the medical clinic, base exchange, grocery annex, gas station/mini-mart, movie theater, child care center, chapel, golf course, gymnasium, temporary lodging, and the activities center that includes an All Hands Club, bowling alley, and snackbar. We have one of the largest support center in the Coast Guard, and provide support to over 1000 members and dependents annually.

You can find a wealth of additional information on this website, and following are several web pages we have compiled that you may find helpful in planning your assignment to Air Station Cape Cod:

Again, congratulations and welcome to Air Station Cape Cod,

Captain Stephen Torpey, Commanding Officer
United States Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod


Last Modified 2/15/2014