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Almighty and Everlasting God, Whose hand stills the tumult of the deep, we offer our prayers for those who serve in our Coast Guard. We are mindful of their traditions of selfless service to the seafarers who make their ways to appointed ports. Employ their devotions of good ends as they track the weather and search for the seas for those in extremity of storm, shipwreck or battle. Make their soundings and markings sure that safe passages may be found by those who go down to the sea in ships. Encourage them, O Lord, as they stand guard over our coasts and the bulwarks of our freedoms. Graciously deliver them from threatening calamities in all their perilous voyages. Bless the keepers of the lights and be Thou their close friend in lonely watches. Keep the beacons of honor and duty burning that they may reach the home port with duty well performed, in service to Thee and our land. AMEN.


Lord give us the grace of humility
And the courage to follow in Thy wake
A course of selfless service.
Instill in us tolerance, loyalty
And cheerful obedience to those
Whose duty is command.
Make us glad that we are SPARS
True to the highest traditions of the Coast Guard.
Inspire us to wear with proud dignity
The uniform that is symbolic of the Flag.
Keep us true to the code of the gentlewoman
In its finest sense, ever mindful that
Reputation is but the reflection of character.
Make us to be silent when to speak would be unkind.
Give us the faith to say at each day’s end,
Lord, Thy will be done. AMEN.

--Beatrice V. Ball,
Commander, U.S. Coast Guard Reserve

Other Coast Guard Prayers of a General Nature

Father In Heaven, you have given us a mind to know you, a will to serve you, and a heart to love you. Be with us today in all that we do, so that your light may shine out in our lives. Help us to be today what you created us to be so that we may praise your name in all that we do when we serve. Help us to be prepared to search for what is true and right so that our freedoms may be ever secured and a source for loving you. Help us to be secure in your love so that we might serve our fellow citizens well this day. AMEN.

Spirit of God, as we begin this day we ask for the sure hope that your love is stronger than the doubts which assail us. Help us to see the Coast Guard as one family and the harmony comes not only from our common call to serve those in need – but also in the wisdom of leadership. In Your name we pray. AMEN.

Give me the courage this day, O Lord, to do those things I know I should be doing…give me the strength to keep from doing those things I know I should not be doing…give the ability to properly tell which is which. Be with us all. AMEN.

Lord, may what we begin today in effort and cooperation be done with your inspiration…continue with your help…and be completed with your guidance. Heavenly Father, guide us in our efforts…help us to persevere with faith, courage and sincerity. AMEN.

Coast Guard Prayers for Meals

O God, you alone have no beginning or end. You are eternally without change. We welcome you as our unseen guest at this meal as we think about what change means to us. Bless the food we are about to eat that it may strengthen us to bring changes in our lives to a successful ending. Bless our companionship at this table that it may strengthen us to begin to see the new opportunities our changing world is about to offer us. AMEN.

Eternal Father, for the continued blessing of Heaven we give you thanks. As you feed our bodies so may our minds partake of that which is wholesome and pure. With this physical and mental nourishment grant that we may so live in a way that brings honor to the Coast Guard, our country, and ourselves. AMEN.

Our Father, we are mindful of those who have friends but no food…and those who have food but no friends. We thank you this day we have both. Help us to befriend the friendless and to share our substance with those who hunger. AMEN.

Bless us, O Lord, our food and drink which we are about to receive from Your bounty. Bless this and those who live in it, granting them health, peace and progress: For you are good and to You we ascribe glory now and forever. AMEN.

Last Modified 12/21/2016