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Security Levels


  National Threat Level: Elevated



Vision: We will budget, account for and expend funds and manage property to the maximum benefits of the nation. We will provide responsible logistics support to help units execute their operations.

Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 0800 – 1600
Phone: (907) 487-5180 x113
Division Administration
Location: First Floor, Bldg. N-38
Base Kodiak, AK

Comptroller LCDR Dan Jones                                  (907) 487-5180 x 107
Deputy Comptroller LT Kris DeWinter                       (907) 487-5180 x 108
Secretary Mr. Bradley W. Bailey                              (907) 487-5180 x 113 

Accounting Branch – Staff (6 Military), Civil Service (1)
(907) 487-5180 x134
Contracting/Procurement Branch – Staff (6 Military), Civil Service (4)
(907) 487-5180 x253

Provides support for Base Support Unit Kodiak, visiting cutters, and 12 other local commands for purchasing supplies, services, and construction up to ($50,000 per award) and procurement through the Federal supply system. This branch processes approximately 5,000 requisitions annually for over $8.5M, including $500k in small constructions projects.

Property Branch – Staff (6 Military)
(907) 487-5180 x135 – Property Officer
(907) 487-5180 x115 – Property Chief 

Maintain property accountability for Base Support Unit Kodiak from final receipt to disposition. Responsible for managing over $7.8 million of government property and 1220 line items, and direct liaison with 54 Property Custodians. Also, provides property support services to eleven (11) units within the Kodiak Area of Responsibility. 

Port Services – Staff (4 Military)
(907) 487-5301 – Port Services Chief 

Respond to Logistics Requirements (approximately 1000 for 50+ ship visits per year). Arranges supports in remote locations of Dutch Harbor, Nome, St. Paul and Adak. Typical support functions provided include supplies, fuel, mail, vehicles, parts deliveries, garbage disposal, waste oil offload, phones, and water. Port Services also manages the Cutterman’s Club (training and recreation facility) for in-port and visiting ships. 

Military Police – Staff (24 Military)
(907) 487-5180 x103 – Security Officer
(907) 487-5180 x104 – Security Chief 

Major functions include detecting/deterring and defeating terrorism. Responsible for the physical security. internal law enforcement and personnel assigned to the base. Prevents, and deters theft and other losses caused by fire damage, accidents, trespassing, sabotage, espionage, etc. Enforces all base rules, regulations and statutes. Performs escort duties as needed. Responds to intrusion signals and other indications of suspicious activity. Observes and patrols designated perimeters, areas, structures, and activities of security interest. Maintains concurrent Federal Jurisdiction with Alaska State Troopers (including both county and municipal subdivisions). Main base entrance is manned 24 hours a day by un-armed , contracted security guards.




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