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This page is dedicated to providing information to lessors currently in a lease with the Coast Guard, lessors who are interested in leasing with the Coast Guard, or lessors who wish to refer property to Coast Guard members in the Pacific Northwest.  Please let us know if we can improve this page by emailing the webmaster.

How can I get into a lease with the CG?
Property managers and owners of single family homes can send information as it becomes available to the Local Housing Office nearest you at anytime to begin discussions on entering into a lease.  Because Coast Guard Leases are driven by our population cycles, these available properties will be considered as the need arises.  Available properties can also be posted for CG Member's personal lease considerations.  Please see more information regarding referrals below.

Referrals: How can I rent to a CG Member?
Property owners and management companies may send available property information using our Housing Referral Form or a flyer to the nearest Local Housing Office for referral to Coast Guard Members.

Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
The Federal Government is aggressively pursing business process and system improvements to enhance their service to customers and to lower their costs.  CCR provides worldwide visibility of sources to government buyers and finance officers for the purpose of streamlining contract awards and payments.  The Coast Guard requires that all lessors register in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) using their Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.  If you do not have a DUNS number,  click here.  You can find answers to many of your questions about CCR in the  CCR Handbook.

Change of Owner
If you are in a lease with the Coast Guard and the property is being sold, please contact us immediately so that we may modify the lease contract.   You may contact the Area Housing Office at 206-217-6495.  The new owner (or property manager) will need to register in Central Contractor Registration (CCR), and supply proof of ownership and a property management agreement, if applicable.  Then, your Local Housing Office will complete a Condition Inspection Report ,so that the condition of the property can be documented properly.  Failure to provide documentation to the Coast Guard in a timely manor may result in payment problems.

Direct deposit is the only method of payment for leases.  The Coast Guard requires that all lessors register in Central Contractor Registration (CCR).  Payments include rent and utilities and are due to the Lessor by the 5th workday of the month for the preceding month's rent.
Pay Query
You may check your payment status online at the Coast Guard Finance Center using your document ID which is derived from your lease number.  Click on the link above and then click on "Payment History - query by Document ID."  The following highlighted numbers from your lease will correspond to the document ID number required for the pay query.  Lease number 4003-33-05-L-P5S-100-U will translate into document ID 4007335P5S100.  Enter in your document ID and click on "Run Payment History."  The numbers "07" are the last two digits of the current fiscal year.
Problem Resolution
Please contact the Area Housing Office at 206-217-6495 for questions or problem resolution regarding payments.

USCG Residential Lease General Provisions, CG-5571A

The Leased Housing General Provisions are provided to you as an enclosure to your lease.  Please refer to this document for guidance to items such as subletting, deposits, maintenance, claims and disputes, failure in performance, termination for default, and equal opportunity.

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Last Modified 2/3/2016