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Household Goods (HHG) Services

Base Seattle

The Transportation Office schedules inbound and outbound Household Goods (HHG) shipments, provides counseling on HHG entitlements, acts as a liaison with FISC Puget Sound, and JPPSO Fort Lewis, WA. This page was designed to provide members of all branches of the military with guidance for arranging HHGs in the Puget Sound. Many of your questions can be answered right here. It is our pleasure to serve you, so let us know how can we help?

Contact Us

  • Our transportation office is located within the Personnel Service Branch at:

  • Commanding Officer (HHG/Transportation)
    USCG Base Seattle
    1519 Alaskan Way South
    Seattle, WA 98134-1102

  • Transportation Assistant (206) 217-6072

  • Transportation Counselor (206) 217-6715

  • Fax (24 Hours) / (206) 217-6635

  • Alternate Fax (24 Hours) / (206) 217-6529

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday / 0700 - 1530

  • Closed on Reserve Weekends

  • Closed for Federal Holidays

We provide one-on-one counseling for individuals and counseling seminars for units during the peak season (February through June) on entitlements for the following:

  • Shipment of Personal Property / Household Goods (HHG)
  • Shipment of Privately-Owned-Vehicle (POV)
  • Shipment of Boats
  • Personally Procured Moves (PPM)
  • Travel on the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS)
  • Personal Property Damage Claims

Requesting Shipping or Receiving of HHGs

There are two distinct ways for members to arrange for the shipment/receipt of their household goods:

1. The first and most recommended way is via the internet through the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). The Coast Guard currently uses this web based program to answer most of our customer’s questions, initiate the shipment of household goods and counsel members on their entitlements, all from the convenience of your home or office. You can access this program by logging into and you will need to request a password, a password will automatically be sent to you and you can then continue to open an account in DPS (NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A COPY OF YOUR ORDERS WHEN YOU ARE ENTERING THE INFORMATION). Once you have entered you information, you will be prompted to list an office that you want to finish your household goods request, you should click on the Coast Guard D13 Office, which will then direct your request into our queue within the system and we will then call you to get a copy of your signed orders so we can finish your request and submit it to FISC Bremerton or JPPSO Ft. Lewis for arrangements with a local moving company.

2. You may also visit the Transportation office located in Bldg 1, first floor, room 110. We offer counseling on a daily basis, but please call ahead and make an appointment so that we can devote our time to your needs.

NOTE: Overseas moves are extremely complex in their entitlements and therefore members will be counseled on an individual basis for this type of move.

Storage of Personal Property

Storage in Transit (SIT)
Temporary - Temporary storage is normally used at destination but on certain occasions can be used at origin. This type of storage is in connection with shipment. You must designate a city and a state and take delivery. You may have 90 days temporary storage; if you need to have additional storage time you must request an extension from the destination transportation office. Civilians are entitled to 90 days temporary storage only. Once authorized temporary storage period expires, you must bear the cost for further storage and make payment directly to the storage company.

NOTE: If your entitlement to property stored at government expense expires and the shipment is turned over to a commercial storage account; storage charges are the responsibility of the member.

Non-Temporary Storage (NTS)

NTS is long-term storage that can be stored anywhere between 6 to 36 months, and is usually authorized in specific cases (ARDUOUS DUTY, "A"-SCHOOLS or OVERSEAS DUTY, OTHER DESERVING CASES). Great care should be taken in separating items to be shipped and stored because once in storage, it is not easy to retrieve them. Service members may need to request an extension of their non-temp storage if their rotation date back to the States changes and more time is needed; failure to do this may result in the service member having to pay storage fees. When it comes time to have your NTS delivered out you will need to complete a 1299 in DPS to request a Non-Temporary Storage Release This request will normally be processed by your local transportation office at destination, you will need a delivery address. To prevent excess costs, the total weight of your property shipped and stored should not exceed your authorized weight allowance.

NOTE: Remember that it is the member's responsibility to notify the Transportation Office of any change in orders or other information affecting the member's entitlement to ship or store his/her household goods.

Scheduling Your Move

When its time to schedule your move with the Base Seattle Transportation Office, be prepared to:

1. Have at least one copy of your signed orders (includes message type orders with accounting data and Travel Order Number) Note: without orders, your pack/pickup requested dates will be delayed greatly.

2. Have an idea of when you want to move. Please be flexible as possible especially during peak season. You will be asked to select a packing and pickup date Mon-Fri, no Holidays (please allow 3-4 weeks in advance to schedule a date). If at all possible, do not schedule a pickup, a lease termination, or a house sale closing on the same date.

3. Fill out a DD-1299 in DPS and select D13 Coast guard District as the counseling office and send us a copy of your SIGNED PCS orders then please call to schedule an appointment and/or to attend a counseling session.

4. When your shipment has been booked you will receive an email stating who the movers are, their phone numbers and will confirm the pack and pickup dates. You will need to arrange a pre-move survey with this company. If further assistance is needed at this time, be sure to call the Base Seattle Transportation Office.

Personally Procured Move (SPM)

The PPM Move Program is designed to allow YOU to move your own household goods and receive a monetary incentive payment of up to 95% of what it would cost the government to move you.

Forms Required

• DD Form 1351-2 Travel Voucher
• DD Form 2278 Application for PPM Moves
• CG-5131 Standard Travel Order or Retirement Letter (signed copy)
• Copy of Government Bill of Lading (GBL) or DD 619 showing weight of HHG's shipped

Authorized Vehicles

There are no longer restrictions on the type of vehicle used.

Documentation Needed to File an PPM Claim

• All the above forms (signed by the member)
• Weight Tickets (certified by a weight master) 1 Empty, 1 Full both done at origin.

Where to Mail PPM Claim

Commanding Officer
USCG Finance Center
1430 A Kristina Way
Chesapeake, VA 23326-1000
Attn: PPM Claims

Damage Claims

Please contact your unit's yeoman, Investigating Officer, or Transportation Office.

Forms Required

• DD form 1850/ DD-1851R
(This forms is not available in electronic format. To obtain hard copies please contact your Military Service or DoD Component Forms Management Officer)
• DD-1842
• DD-1844
• CG-5131 Standard Travel Order
• Government Bill of Lading with weights, inventory, and all possible estimates or appraisals.

When it is necessary to file for a Damage Claim, complete the following:

You will need to begin your damage claim in DPS by going into your account and clicking on the “Claims” header in DPS within 75 days from date of delivery. You then have 9 months from that date to comlete your damage claim. The TSP will then request hard copy of the DD-1850 which must have the damage listed at the time of delivery (before the agent leaves) You and the supervisor of the team that unpacked you must sign it. If you note damage after the after agent has left, it is your responsibility to complete the backside of the Joint Statement of Loss or Damage (DD-1851R). Then, you must submit your damage claim directly to the carrier, but the document must be receipt/return certified.

Damage Claims with the Government

Coast Guard members have 2 years from the date of delivery to file a claim with the Coast Guard. Visit our office at Pier 36, to schedule an appointment to complete the necessary forms. Damage Claim forms are the DD-1842/DD-1844 and must be complete with accurate estimates and signatures. Provide proof of your claim through pictures, video tapes, digital camera, repair estimates or appraisals. Once your damage claim is completed and mailed out to Chesapeake, VA. FINCEN usually takes about 10 days to process your settlement.

Damage Claims are mailed to:

HHGDS Claims and Carrier Recoveries
USCG Finance Center
PO Box 4121
Chesapeake, VA 23327-4121


All moves are now covered with Full Replacement Value, which means if the carrier ruins any of your HHG's, they will be responsible for full replacement. Claims will be made directly to the carrier, and must be made within 75 days of the delivery of your HHG's and must be made on form 1840 (R) or (Pink Copy).

Shipment of Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)

You are entitled to ship one POV to, from or between places overseas, or upon official change of homeport of a vessel to which you are assigned (with the exception of Alaska). The TO will determine your entitlement based on your PCS orders. The Military Traffic Command has contracted out to vehicle processing centers in specific places for debarkation/ embarkation in the United States and overseas. See your local Transportation Office for further assistance.

You will need to have 5 copies of the following documents when you deliver your vehicle to the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC): 5 Copies of your orders; your military ID Card, your valid Drivers License; your Vehicle Registration, and 5 copies of your proof of insurance.

For the Seattle area, our vehicle processing information is listed below:

654 Milwaukee Ave N
Algona, WA 98001-7409
Phone (800) 597-1833 OR (253) 272-1712
FAX (253)272-2375
Hours: M-F 0800-1700

Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS)

Effective 1 April 1999, (ALDIST 108/99) The transportation of a Privately Owned Conveyance (POC) on the AMHS will be a reimbursable Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel expense. This change will allow the member to use the ferry and be reimbursed for ferry fees as in all other ferry crossings. If the member has an entitlement to drive two POCs for PCS travel, ferry fees for both POCs will be reimbursable. Members traveling by POC via the AMHS still have an entitlement to ship one POC at government expense.

The member has the responsibility to make necessary ferry reservations on the AMHS once the PCS orders to Alaska have been authorized by entry approval. Reservations can be made by dialing 1-800-642-0066 or 907-465-3941, or faxing your request to 907-465-2476 at the Juneau office. Reservations can also be made through AMHS Kodiak, AK at 1-800-526-6731.

PCS travel advances for personal travel of member and dependents, staterooms and ferry fees, are authorized when the member has confirmed reservations. Government procured transportation of POC's (ferry fees) on the AMHS is authorized only when there is insufficient time for the member to obtain an advance. Please provide the transportation officer a copy of your itinerary/reservation and a hard copy of the orders and the transportation officer will type a purchase order to pay all confirmed items on the itinerary with the exception of pets and weight listed items.

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