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Base Seattle

By Appointment Only: Please call (206) 217-6700 or (206) 217-6510 option 1, then option 0

The Base Seattle Personnel Services Division is one of several RAPIDS/DEERS sites located in Washington State. Our staff provides services to members of the armed services, retirees, and dependents. Armed Forces Identification Cards and RAPIDS/DEERS information updating are performed in accordance with current DOD and Coast Guard Instructions. Below are some quick references of those services.

It is our pleasure to serve you. We will do everything we can to make your experience with us as easy and pleasant as possible. If you have questions concerning what documentation you need to bring with you to obtain or renew your ID cards, please contact one of our staff at our Front Desk for assistance.

We encourage comments and evaluations of our performance. Expressing your concerns helps us to improve our performance. Expressing your satisfaction improves our morale. Please fill out a satisfaction survey which is available in the reception area. Please share your thoughts with us. If you have any problems or concerns about the service you receive, we will help you.

Contact Us

  • The DEERS/Armed Forces Identification Card (AFID) issuing office is located on the 1st floor of building 1. Our mailing address is:
  • Commanding Officer (DEERS/RAPIDS)
    USCG Base Seattle - Personnel Support Department
    1519 Alaskan Way South
    Seattle, WA 98134-1102
  • Telephone number: (206) 217-6700
  • Email:

Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday / 0700 - 1530 (Last appointment at 1500)

  • Reserve Drill Weekend (Only one weekend per month)
    0900 - 1130 and 1300 - 1500

  • Closed for Federal Holidays

Distinct ID Cards
The Department of Defense (DoD) provides members of the Uniformed Services with a distinct ID card identifying them as active duty, Guard, Reserve, or retired members and authorizing them to receive Uniformed Services’ benefits. The DoD also issues members’ eligible family members and other eligible individuals a distinct ID card authorizing them to receive Uniformed Services’ benefits and privileges.

Cross-Servicing Agreement
The Uniformed Services have agreed to assist each other in verifying ID card eligibility. The Uniformed Services assist each other in verifying certain categories of eligible persons, even if they belong to another parent service. With on-line connection to the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) using the Real Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS), issuing activities shall ensure compliance with current DOD and Coast Guard instructions and provided cross-servicing assistance as applicable.

Eligibility - AFID cards are issued to active duty, reserves, retirees, dependents (10 years of age or older unless dependent is not residing with sponsor), and 100% Disabled Veterans (DVA) from all military services; DVA sponsors MUST have there letter of entitlement issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Identification - Previous AFID card which is surrendered when a new one is issued. Any other form of picture ID if the AFID card is lost or stolen. Dependents must be accompanied by the sponsor; or if not accompanied, they must have a DD-1172 (Application for Uniformed Service Identification Card DEERS Enrollment Form) signed by the sponsor and witnessed by a certifying official.

Students - Age 21 and 22 (only if they are attending school FULL time), must provide a letter from the school certifying the dependent is enrolled as a full-time attendee. Members age 21 and over who do not attend full-time are no longer eligible for an ID Card or considered a dependent.

Marriages - A marriage certificate, birth certificates, proof of ID, and social security card are required for new marriages. If a social security card has not been issued for the spouse/children, we will still enter the dependent into DEERS/RAPIDS for medical purposes, however, the period of eligibility is limited and will terminate unless a social security card is provided and DEERS/RAPIDS is updated.

Newborn Children - Birth certificate and social security card are required for new born children. Newborns can be entered immediately following birth with paperwork issued by the birthing center to cover medical until the above documentation can be applied for and received; however, the period of eligibility is limited and will terminate unless a social security number is provided to an issuing site and the DEERS/RAPIDS database is updated.

Address Changes
Members can e-mail address changes to the DEERS/RAPIDS database via the internet. The e-mail address is: It is recommended you use all lower-case letters when typing the e-mail address. E-mail must contain:

1. Sponsor's name and social security number.
2. The address change you want to make.
3. Names of other family members affected by the address change.
4. Effective date of the address information.
5. Your telephone number and area code.
6. Other information, such as the addresses for geographically separated family members.

If you don't wish to provide this information over the internet e-mail, you can update your address records in DEERS by using one of the following three methods:

1. Calling the DEERS Support Office at one of its toll-free numbers:

1-800-334-4162 (California Only)
1-800-527-5602 (Alaska and Hawaii)
1-800-538-9552 (All Other States)

2. Faxing address changes to 1-831-655-8317

3. Mailing the address change information to:

DEERS Support Center
Gigling Road
Seaside, CA 93955-6771

Seattle Area DEERS / RAPIDS Locations

  • Ft. Lawton 70th RRC (206) 281-3299

  • Pacific Marine Center Seattle (206) 553-7656

  • U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle (206) 764-3416

  • For more locations please use the RAPIDS Site Locator

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