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Relocation Assistance Program

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The Coast Guard Relocation Assistance Program was initiated in July 1992. The program helps members and their dependents during the relocation cycle and is available to all CG beneficiaries. The primary goal of the RAP is to assist Coast Guard employees and their families through the relocation cycle. The RAP is a triad of resources dedicated to this effort. The triad consists of Relocation Assistance Managers, Relocation Information Services, and Relocation Assistance Services. Relocation involves moving people -- not just moving things and changing housing. During your transfer you need to consider your requirements for support resources. Completing your transfer includes making connections with resources and services at your new location as well. Services are available to:

Mr. Sweeney (206) 217-6615, the Relocation Assistance Manager (RAM) is the cornerstone of the RAP and provides everything you ever wanted to know about PCS transfers, including information on travel pay and allowances, housing, local area information, etc. David provides support for the entire AOR. While he provides some direct service, his primary objectives are to:

The type of assistance provided by the RAM will vary depending on employee needs. The employee's experience with the relocation process and ultimate destination will dictate the level of assistance necessary. It is incumbent upon the RAMs to use their extensive Coast Guard experience and local knowledge to enhance this basic information so it best serves the needs of each transferee.

The RAM's job has seven major areas of emphasis:


Additional computer programs and services are available in the Work-Life office to help with the relocation process but are also available to assist with other trips, both official and personal. Stop by or give David a call.

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