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Security Levels

Employee Assistance Program

Work-Life Division

HSWL Regional Practice Seattle


EAP Coordinator Responsibilities


  1. Establish file of ICISF resources.
    * Coordinate team.
    * Ensure peers are ICISF trained.
    * Maintain peer roster.
  2. Approve peers for interventions.
    * Conduct biennial pre-incident training at all units.
    * Partner with chaplains.
    * Ensure confidentiality & effectiveness of CISM interventions.
    * Respond to AOR units – on-scene if nearby, prolonged, multiple casualties
    or no other resources available.
    * Coordinate/monitor non-CG teams responding to CG incidents.
    * Report 30 Sep to WKW:
  3. Number pre-incident trainings & number of units in AOR.
    * Number of incidents
    * Mishap
    * Ops
    * WPV/terrorism/suicide
    * Other
    * Responsiveness
    * Notification
    * Team arrival.

Rape/Sexual Assault COMDTINST 1754.10A

  1. Immediately refer victim to medical & mental health resources.
    * Refer false reporters to mental health.
    * Encourage victims to file police report & cooperate.
    * Initially monitor victim’s follow-up on care to ensure adequate/appropriate.
    * Advise WKW of victim’s status.
    * Maintain no case files.
    * Ensure AOR units familiar with instruction & reporting requirements.
    * Notify victims of their rights.
    * Assure victim is treated with respect.
    * Remain non-judgmental.
    * Provide victim advocacy referrals during proceedings.

Workplace Violence COMDTINST 5370.10A

  1. Advise/assist commands on/and coordinate Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT).
    * Select an EAP counselor trained to threat assessment when appropriate.
    * Coordinate awareness training annually.
    * Report incidents to WKW.
    Prepare & coordinate a summary report to the convening authority on CIT recommendations.

Suicide COMDTINST 1734.1 incl ch.1

  1. Report suicides, gestures & attempts to WKW:
    * Gesture/attempt/actual
    * Date
    * Full name or sponsor
    * Rank
    * District
    * Unit
    * Method
    * Age
    * Marital status
    * Reason
    * Current status
  2. Ensure confidentiality of reports FOUO on need-to-know basis.
  3. Establish file of resources.
  4. Coordinate awareness training annually.
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Last Modified 2/4/2016