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A member of the Coast Guard Reserve who is ordered to active duty or to active duty for training, or to perform inactive duty training, for any period of time who is injured or becomes ill is entitled to the same hospital benefits as provided by law or required in the case of a member of the regular Coast Guard as noted below.

Health Care:

If you have an emergency go to the nearest emergency room and/or call 911 to obtain Emergency Services.  If you are located on Pier 36, during normal business hours, dial 333.  As soon as possible, contact your unit, HSWL Seattle (pft), or have someone contact your unit on your behalf to advise your Commanding Officer of your status.  HSWL Seattle Clinic does not have a 24 hour medical or dental duty section.

A medical emergency is defined as care necessary when the patient's conditions is such that failure to provide treatment or hospitalization would result in undue suffering or endanger life or limb.

Acute or Urgent Health Care:
We provide same day appointments for those needing urgent or acute care.  We do not hold sick call.  Patients may walk in and be seen on a first-come, first seen basis as providers become available around scheduled appointments. 

Urgent care is defined as care to alleviate other than routine medical conditions which are not life threatening and of an acute nature of less than one week in duration.

Routine Health Care:
Normally the only routine health care authorized to reserves is that care necessary to maintain fitness for duty, i.e. physical exams.

Routine care is neither emergent or urgent, including medical and dental examinations, diagnostic tests and therapeutic procedures.

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Health Care Claims:

Health care claims are process by TRICARE for all health care received in the civilian sector while you are under orders.  You must be with orders or have had a "Notice of Eligibility" issued to you by HSWL Seattle (pft).  Before seeking health care in the civilian sector contact the HSWL Seattle (fot) to have your benefits explained to you. For more information concerning bills visit HSWL Seattle Health Care Claims .

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Physical Exams:

Physical exams for reserves can be completed at a Military Treatment Facility.  Contact HSWL Clinic Physical Exams to obtain necessary forms and a list of lab test that will need to be completed as part of the physical exam.

The DD2808 and DD2807-1 are the forms used for physical exams. Additionally, an annual dental exam is required for all reserves.  The DD2813 can be brought to your civilian dentist, filled out and signed, and returned to HSWL Seattle for filing in the Health Record.

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Health Care for Reserve Family Members:

TRICARE Prime Eligibility for family members of Reserve component changed with Health Affairs Policy 96-018 which, has been revised and gives Reserve family members eligibility to enroll in TRICARE Prime when the military sponsor has active duty orders for more than 30 days. Family members do not have to wait 30 days to enroll as long as the Reserves orders are for more than 30 days. Previously, the policy offered eligibility only if orders were for more than 179 days.  There are no enrollment fees or co-payments for family members who elect to enroll in Prime.  Enrollment is required.  Enrollment forms must be completed and Military Treatment Facility or civilian network providers must be used.  Contact the HSWL Seattle Health Benefits Advisor ((206-217-6432) for assistance.

The most important thing for a reservist to do for their family is to make sure all the information in Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) is accurate.  DEERS is the system used to determine eligibility for military health care. 

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Additional Information on Health Care Benefits for Reserves

The following products have been developed to help explain reserve benefits:

Temporary Reserve Health Care Program:

Also, Reserve Component members need to understand the importance of updating their own and their family members' eligibility information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).  Sponsors and family members actually lose access to their TRICARE health care benefits when "loss of eligibility" appears in DEERS; they are unable to make appointments, get prescriptions filled, or have claims processed correctly.  Action must be taken by the sponsor and his/her family members to update information in DEERS as well as in their military personnel records.  Reserve Component sponsors should visit the nearest ID Card issuing facility and their unit personnel shop to ensure that their DEERS information is current and correct.  For additional information about DEERS or to update an address in DEERS, visit

Updates will be posted as they becomes available.  For more information, please visit the TRICARE Web site ( or the Reserve Affairs Web site (

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