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Active Duty Health Care Bills

HSWL Seattle

All Coast Guard active duty personnel attached to Pier 36 and the Federal Building are enrolled in TRICARE Prime with the HSWL Seattle Clinic as their Primary Care Manager.  In that regard, all health care bills are processed through TRICARE.  If you receive health care in the civilian sector, inform the provider that you are on active duty with the Coast Guard and are enrolled in TRICARE Prime.  Active duty personnel have no cost shares and should not have any out-of-pocket expense.

If you receive health care from a TRICARE network provider or TRICARE participating provider, the provider will file the claim for you.   If you receive health care from a TRICARE non-participating provider you will need to file the health care claim.  All claims in TRICARE Northwest (CCGD13) are processed by Wisconsin Physician Services in Madison, Wisconsin at:

West Region Claims
P.O. Box 77028
Madison, WS  53707-7028

Beneficiaries:  1-888-874-9378

After TRICARE pays the health care bill an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is send to the patient explaining what was paid to the provider.   If you received health care from a TRICARE non-participating provider, you will receive an EOB and the check for payment, which you will need to endorse over to the provider.

All of this can be confusing, what you need to remember is the billing address for TRICARE and if you receive anything in the mail bring it to the HSWL Clinic Health Benefits Advisor (HBA)

If you receive a notice from a collection agency or a negative credit report because of a medical or dental bill you should immediately come to the HSWL Clinic HBA. Dept Collection Assistance Officers are located at MLCPAC (kma) Alameda to assist with non-paid health care claims.  You must bring with you documentation associated with the collection action.  This includes debt collection letters, TRICARE explanation of benefits (EOBs), and medical/dental bills from providers.   The more information you bring the faster it will be to determine the cause of the problem and have it resolved.

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Last Modified 9/19/2013