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Dental Care

HSWL Seattle

Active duty Coast Guard personnel are entitled to emergency, routine, and accessory dental treatment at all Military Treatment Facilities.  Dental care from civilian dentists requires preauthorization from MLCPAC unless a dental emergency exists.  Emergency dental treatment required for the immediate relief of pain or infection may be obtained by active duty Coast Guard personnel from any available dentist (civilian or military).

HSWL Seattle Dental Clinic is staffed by two Dental Officers and a contracted Oral Hygienists.

Active duty Coast Guard personnel are required to obtain an annual dental exam.  To schedule a dental exam or a cleaning call (206) 217-6432. If you are a reserve or active duty member who receives dental care from a civilian dentist, print out the Department of Defense Active Duty/Reserve Forces Dental Exam DD Form 2813. Take the form to the civilian dentist with you and ask the dentist to fill out the form.  When completed fax the form to the HSWL Seattle Clinic Administrator at (206) 217-6636.

Definitions of Types of Dental Treatment:

Emergency Dental Treatment includes those procedures directed toward the immediate relief of pain, the removal of oral infection which endangers the health of the patient, and repair of prosthetic appliances where the lack of such repair would cause the patient physical suffering.

Routine Dental Treatment includes the following: examinations, radiographs, diagnosis and treatment planning, amalgam fillings, synthetic fillings, prophylaxis, extraction, treatment of root canals, treatment of allaying pain, treatment of oral pathological conditions, periodontal conditions, related conditions detrimental to the patient's health, and repairs and adjustment of dentures and prosthetic appliances.

Accessory Dental Treatment includes prosthetic replacement of missing teeth in cases where insufficient occlusal surfaces prevent proper mastication and where missing anterior teeth prevent correct phonation.

Orthodontic/Orthognathic Surgical Care

Orthodontic/Orthognathic surgical treatment can affect release from active duty, rotation dates, and fitness for duty.  Therefore, written authorization to commence all orthodontic/orthognathic surgical treatment (whether elective or not, and whether provided by a military or civilian dentist) must be requested from  Commander (CGPC-epm) for enlisted and (CGPC-opm) for officers via MLCPAC (k).  Active duty Coast Guard personnel seeking this kind of care should schedule an appointment with the HSWL Seattle Dental Officer for clarification and necessary documentation.

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