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Security Division (bs)
Comptroller and Base Operations Department
Base Portsmouth

All personnel requiring access to Base Portsmouth must present a valid Military/Dependent or Civilian ID card. All personal weapons MUST be checked in at the security office prior to entering the base.

1950's Base Portsmouth Gate

Security Officer

Assistant Command Security Officer

The Security Office is open daily from 0800 to 2000 for decal issuance.  The 24 hour telephone number is (757) 483-8586.

To avoid delays when entering Base Portsmouth, please complete the highlighted information on the attached form CG-3308A and bring it to the Base Security Office to obtain a new decal.

Unless prohibited by state law, the new decal must be permanently attached to the outside of the windshield at top center or lower driver's side corner.

CG Line
Vehicle Decals/Visitor Passes Issue:  All personnel requesting a decal must provide the items listed below to Security.

Decal Requirements:

1.  Valid State vehicle registration in the name of the individual registering the vehicle;

2.  Valid State driver's license;

3.  Proof of State Vehicle Inspection from states requiring them;

4.  Valid military, government, or contractor ID;

5.  Proof of insurance that identifies the vehicle and expiration of the policy, an insurance card that has only the driver's name will not be accepted;

6.  Proof of Virginia State Inspection for all vehicles registered in the State of Virginia.

If you are requesting a decal for a motorcycle, in addition to the forms listed above, you also need to bring a copy of your Motorcycle Safety Course completion certificate.

Expiration Tab: For vehicles already having a decal (but the decal date has expired) you will need to provide all the information listed above plus the decal number from your vehicle.
Visitor Passes:

All vehicles entering Base Portsmouth that don't have a valid Coast Guard or DOD decal must stop and get a visitor's pass.  A map of Base Portsmouth is available to any person requesting one.

NOTE:  If you don't have a valid Military/Dependent or Civilian ID card you must be sponsored.  Sponsors can make prior arrangements by notifying Security on the day of the visit and providing the visitor's name, time of arrival and destination - so the visitor won't be delayed at the gate.
Issued at the Security Office:

Visitors needing a pass (i.e. new vehicle, attending training at Base Portsmouth, TAD to cutter homeported here, etc.) can receive them at the Security Office by providing:

1.  Valid State driver's license;
2.  Military/Dependent ID card;
3.  Civilian ID card;
4.  Current vehicle registration;
5.  Copy of your Motorcycle Safety Course completion certificate.

Contractor and Vendor Passes:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday - 0800 to 1530 and Thursday - 0800 to 1800

Individuals requiring a contractor pass must provide Security with the following information:

1.  An access list on company letterhead,
2.  List must provide the names and last four of SSN for all employees,
3.  Duration of the contract,
4.  List of CG Sponsors and their phone numbers.

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