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Servicing Personnel Office (ps)
Personnel Support Department
Base Portsmouth

The Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) is located in the Administration side of the Rittichier Building.  It maintains and updates personnel data records as well as  investigates and resolves personnel and pay issues for various assigned commands in the Tidewater Area, Sector Hampton Roads and students.

Name Role Number
YNCM Nadine Gordy SPO Division Officer (757) 686-4100
YNC Jonathan Hansin SPO Section Chief (757) 686-4101

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 0730 to 1600

SPO Staff Contact Information

Fax: (757) 638-2672

SPO Staff
Name Position Number
YN1 Valerie McDevitt Team A Auditor (757) 686-4120
YN2 Catherine Mitchell SPO Yeoman  
YN2 Ainara Farina SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Shannan Furlong SPO Yeoman  
YN1 Denise Robinson Team B Auditor 757-483-8605
YN2 Gregory Gallant SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Nicholas Illilani SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Chelsea Jacobs SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Nicholas Noguez SPO Yeoman  
YN1 Reese Urquhart Team C Auditor (757) 686-6720
YN2 Samantha Delange SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Maria Treadwell SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Kimberly Vargas SPO Yeoman  
YN1 Luther Hammett Team D Auditor (757) 686-4009
YN2 Dana Pagan SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Versal Mason III SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Garreth Wippel SPO Yeoman  
YN3 Kristie Robison SPO Yeoman  

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Last Modified 3/18/2015