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Welcome to the Base Portsmouth Housing Office.  We are located in the Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH) building at Base Portsmouth, 4000 Coast Guard Boulevard, Portsmouth, Virginia.  The Housing staff is committed to providing outstanding services to our customers.

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Yolande Branch Rental Partnership Program, Leased Housing, Housing Releases and Community Housing Referrals/Listings (757) 686-4047
Christopher Evans Housing Referral Network, Leased Housing, Housing Releases and Community Housing Referrals/Listings (757) 686-4081
CWO2 Laura Freeman Owned Housing
Maintenance Coordinator
(757) 686-4048
Brenda Gentry UPH Manager (757) 638-2498
Lawrence Schick Area Housing Officer (757) 686-4044
  Housing Office Fax (757) 686-4052

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Portsmouth-Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Chesapeake-Yorktown

There is no Coast Guard Owned housing in the area, so most CG personnel stationed in Hampton Roads draw BAH and live on the economy.

There is no mandatory assignment to government housing in the Hampton Roads area for members accompanied by their dependents. Our Servicing  Personnel Offices require a written release from housing before drawing BAH and living on the economy.  To acquire a release, you are required to submit an application for assignment to military housing, form CG-5267, along with a copy of your orders to Christopher Evans or Yolande Branch.

Coast Guard Leased Housing

Coast Guard Leased Housing is available for eligible personnel E-6 and below.  Call Yolande Branch to determine eligibility.  If eligible you will need to submit a Housing Application CG5267 with your PCS Orders and a copy of your BAH/Dependency/Emergency Data sheet (CG-4170).

Privatized Housing

DOD Privatized Housing is military housing that is owned/managed by private contractors.  If you choose these quarters, you will continue to receive BAH in your paycheck, sign a lease and pay the contractor by allotment.  The contractor will charge each member the exact amount of their BAH entitlement for monthly rent and utilities.  There may be other factors, restrictions and waiting lists independent to each contractor, so you must contact them directly for all information and applications, NOTE: Privatized military housing is considered "living on the economy" and therefore not a mandatory assignment to quarters.

Privatized housing is available at the following bases: Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek, Naval Air Station Oceana/Damneck Annex, Northwest Support Activities (CAMSLANT), Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, Norfolk Naval Shipyard (Portsmouth) and Joint Base Langley/Eustis.

Coast Guard personnel are authorized to apply for Navy Privatized Housing (PPV) through Lincoln Military Housing, (757) 961-3783.

Joint Base Langley/Eustis Privatized Housing:

Housing Early Application Tool "HEAT"

Navy Housing has developed HEAT to assist service members and their families in applying for housing Navy-wide. HEAT allows service members and their families to get the housing application process started at one or more Navy installations online before or after they receive their Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders.  HEAT is available to any service members at all Navy installations.  HEAT creates an easy user experience to connect with your destination.  Spouses can use the application as well, needing only minimal information about their service members.

Rental Partnership Program (RPP)

RPP is a program designed to provide Military Personnel with off-base affordable Housing.  All military personnel with at least one year remaining on active duty in the Hampton Roads area are eligible to apply.  This program enables our members to rent on the economy at a reduced rental rate -5% below the current market rent.  Members may or may not have to pay a security deposit and the member must pay the monthly rent by allotment.  To apply for RPP you will need a copy of your current PCS Orders, Leave and Earnings Statement and Military ID Card.

Members wanting to set up RPP prior to reporting can do so by completing the following forms:

RPP Application and Statement of Understanding

List of CG RPP units:

RPP properties

Complete the RPP application and read and initial each paragraph of the RPP Statement of Understanding Check List.  Sign, date and fax along with a copy of your current PCS Orders, Leave and Earnings Statement and Military ID Card to (757) 686-4052.  Call Yolande Branch with any questions.

Single Personnel Housing Options

There are Unaccompanied Personnel Housing barracks at Base Portsmouth, (757) 483-8538, CG Station Little Creek (757) 464-9372 and CAMSLANT (757) 421-6289 for single personnel at co-located units.   These barracks must maintain a 95% occupancy rate, so all single personnel E-4 and below reporting to duty stations in these geographic areas must be released by the barracks MAA prior to procuring housing on the economy.

Voluntary Geographic Bachelors

Members transferring in who do not bring their legal dependents with them are not eligible for any type of government quarters.  There is no UPH space available for voluntary geographic bachelors and you will be expected to procure your own residence on the economy.  The Housing Office may be able to assist you with referrals and possible roommates, but cannot arrange any accommodations in CG or DoD owned quarters.

Referral Websites

The websites below can be very helpful in looking for your future residence.  We know that the internet leaves out a lot of information, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area.  If you see something you are interested in please feel free to call the Housing Office to make sure the property is in a safe area and that no complaints have been received about the complex, landlord or location.  The Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) is a DoD and CG sponsored website designed to assist military members and their families with finding housing in their assignment location.

Looking to Rent or Buy?

Visit the Automated Housing Referral Network at to find housing before you pack!  Sponsored by the DoD, listings include available community rentals, military housing, shared rentals, temporary lodging and military for sale by owner (FSBO) listings.  In you will find a variety of housing options to choose from.  Listings include property descriptions, pictures, maps, links to local schools and contact information.  If you would like to rent your home, sell your home for sale by owner, or are looking for another service member as a roommate in your current home, you may post an ad free of charge on the site.

Visit to start searching or posting today!

Referral sources:

Temporary Lodging

Department of Defense Lodging:

Other Services Provided

Showing Service by appointment:  We will provide transportation to individuals/families unfamiliar with the local area.  Members requesting assistance will be driven around the area and shown apartments, houses, schools, and other community resources.

Inspection Service:  We provide our military personnel inspection assistance when requested whether in the Rental Partnership Program or in a private lease on the economy.  We will walk through with you and assist with documenting the condition of your unit.  If check in and check out inspections of your apartment or house are not done you may find yourself paying for something that was damaged when you moved in.  It is extremely important that you are present for the final check out inspection to clear up any discrepancies that may be found by management.

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