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Work Life Logo Ms. Jeanett Torrens
Health Promotion Manager

Ms. Leisha Ferguson
Health Promotion Manager

Coast Guard Health Promotion Program

What is Health Promotion?  Health Promotion is the optimal relationship between the physical, mental, and social well-being of an individual.  Health Promotion can be seen as a goal and the process of getting there.  If you work towards making positive changes in the areas of your life you can control, you can have a better chance of living a life full of energy, vitality, and good health.  Wellness is simply taking the responsibility to take care of yourself.

The Coast Guard Health Promotion Program is a program to assist active duty members, reservists, auxiliary, civilian employees, and family members to make voluntary health behavior changes that help reduce health risks and improve quality of life.  The Coast Guard recognizes the benefits of a Health Promotion program and offers all beneficiaries the opportunities to lead healthy, happy, and productive lives at work and at home.  The Health Promotion Program elements include:

     Physical Fitness
     Tobacco Cessation
     Stress Management
     Nutrition and Weight Management
     Disease and Injury Reduction
     Alcohol and Drug Abuse
     AIDS/STD Education

The Coast Guard Health Promotion Manager is responsible for the management and development of the Regional Health Promotion Program (District 5; Base Portsmouth Area of Responsibility).  The Health Promotion Manager provides resources, training, and guidance to each Unit Health Promotion Coordinator so they are able to provide health promotion program opportunities to those attached to their unit.

The Unit Health Promotion Coordinator is a collateral duty responsibility for one member at each District 5 Coast Guard Unit.  The Unit Health Promotion Coordinator is trained by the Health Promotion Manager in health promotion principles and strategies.  The Health Promotion Coordinators are able to provide health promotion resources (videos, books, educational materials) as well as a variety of health promotion events (health fairs, sports days) and programs such as tobacco cessation or weight management.


How healthy are you?  Find out how old your body thinks it is because of the way you treat it!  If you eat well, exercise, and lead a healthful lifestyle, your body will think it is years younger than it really is!  The Wellsource assessment will give you your "health age" versus your "chronological age".  You will also find out what your health risks are based on your lifestyle choices and family history (heredity).  Wellsource is the Coast Guard's official health risk appraisal and is FREE to all military, reservist, family members, and civilians.

How does it work?  You simply fill out a questionnaire that asks you about your family history, eating habits, exercise habits, and general health promotion habits.  You also have an option for a fitness assessment (body fat, sit ups, push ups, mile and half run, flexibility).  The questionnaire is then given or sent to your District Health Promotion Manager for scanning.  Shortly, you will receive a 20-page booklet all about YOU!  This will include your health risk, what you are doing right with your lifestyle choices, and suggestions for improvement.  You also receive your "health age".  If an entire unit fills out questionnaires, a separate "unit report" will be given to the CO or OINC.  This report will give the top 10 Health Risks of the unit and recommendations for improvement.

Interested?  Contact your Regional Health Promotion Manager Leisha Ferguson or Jeanett Torrens.  Only you see the results. . . take the challenge!

Health Promotion Managers Areas of Responsibility

Leisha Ferguson

Coast Guard Cutters  
Coast Guard Units    
FINCEN TQC Chesapeake Security Center
CGIS Chesapeake 5th District MLCLANT
Base Portsmouth ESU Portsmouth ESU Det Portsmouth
TRACEN Yorktown MSST Chesapeake 91102 Maritime Intel Fusion Ctr
Afloat Training Group Norfolk Harbor Defense Command 205 PSU 305
Sector Hampton Roads STA Portsmouth ANT Hampton Roads
ANT Milford Haven STA Milford Haven STA Little Creek
STA Cape Charles Activities Europe Recruit Richmond
Recruit Hampton Roads    

Jeanett Torrens

Coast Guard Cutters  
Coast Guard Units    
ARSC Elizabeth City AIRSTA Elizabeth City ATTC Elizabeth City
ESU Det Elizabeth City MST Elizabeth City STA Elizabeth City
BSU Elizabeth City Aircraft Project Office E-City National Strike Force
Sector North Carolina ISD FT Macon ANT FT Macon
ESU Det FT Macon MST FT Macon SFO North Carolina
STA Cape Hatteras Inlet ANT Wancheese ESU Det Outer Banks
STA Ocracoke STA Oregon Inlet STA FT Macon
STA Emerald Isle STA Hobucken STA Wrightsville Beach
STA Oak Island MSU Wilmington LORSTA Carolina Beach
Special Mission TRACEN Camp Lejeune Recruit Greensboro Recruit Wilmington
Recruit Raleigh Recruit Charlotte Sector Eastern Shore
STA Chincoteague STA Ocean City, MD STA Parramore Beach
STA Indian River Inlet, DE ANT Chincoteague ESU Det Chincoteague
Recruit Salisbury    

Health Promotion Links

Health Promotion Manual COMDTINST M6200.1
Healthier Feds Physical Activity Challenge

The Mayo Clinic Website - This site contains hundreds of physician-reviewed articles on medical, health, fitness and nutrition topics.  New information is posted every weekday.

National Institute of Mental Health - This U.S. Government site offers information on many mental-health topics, including Alzheimer's disease, anxiety disorders, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, learning disabilities, paranoia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  A general overview of mental illness also can be accessed.

Center for Science in the Public Interest - Special reports on this site provide nutritional analysis of Chinese, Mexican, fast-food and other restaurant menus.  You can also access articles from the organization's Nutrition Action Newsletter and download healthful recipes and tips on how to safely store and prepare meat, poultry and other foods.  Links to other health and nutrition sites are available.

The National Health Information Center - This site provides access to more than 1,100 health-related government offices.  The database includes a list of toll-free numbers for health information and a list of federal health-information centers and clearinghouses.  You can also search the database for information on specific diseases and referral services.

The Internet Fitness Resource - A comprehensive listing of web sites related to fitness, exercise, sports and nutrition are available on this site.

Lifetime - This site offers information on women's health and fitness, relationships and parenting.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - The CDC web site offers updates on chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, and links to other health-related web sites.  The Traveler's Health Section lists health advisories by geographic region and recommends vaccines for foreign travel.

FitnessLink - Up-to-the minute health, fitness and health promotion information is provided on this site.  It features interactive areas where you can get answers to your fitness and general-health  questions, in-depth articles and quick tips on exercise, aerobics, strength training, stress reduction and nutrition.  FitnessLink provides links to hundreds of fitness-related web sites that are rated for content, presentation, ease of navigation and source credibility.

American Dietetic Association - Visit this site if you have questions about diet and nutrition.  You can access and download nutrition fact sheets on a variety of topics, including healthful snacks, adding calcium to your diet and more.  You can also locate a registered dietitian to consult through the site's regionally organized database.

Self-Care Central - This web site provides a substantial directory of on-line health support groups and mailing lists, along with self-care and treatment advice for common illnesses, sports injuries and advice on maintaining a healthy diet.

Five A Day - Learn about the benefits of fruits and vegetables.

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