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Educational Services Office
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 Base Portsmouth

Ms. Monica Bailey
Educational Services Officer

The Learning Center is located in the Barracks/Galley Building.  Enter through the door on the far left, go through two sets of double doors and turn right, second door on the left.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday - 0730 to 1600

Counseling - Available by appointment

CG Line

Education Information:

A list of scholarships is posted weekly on the Base Portsmouth Electronic Bulletin Board, but if you would like to receive the same information in your personal e-mail, please sign up at the link provided; if not for you, maybe you have a college bound senior; or a child already attending college; or a spouse who's looking for money for school; or maybe your expenses exceed tuition assistance.  It's not restricted to .mil addresses so everyone can sign-up.


Testing (by appointment only):

End-of-Course Testing (EOCT):
Tuesday @ 1300, Thursday @ 0800 by appointmentMembers must bring a copy of the Supervisor Sign Off page from their signed practical factors as appropriate verification of having completed the EPQs.   for rating EOCTs this is form CG 3303 and for the EPME EOCTs this is form CG-1510-2 (aka Tab 2).

ASVAB Testing:
ASVAB testing is available on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays at 0800 by appointment.  Other unit members must coordinate testing with us through their unit ESO.

DSST Testing:
DSST Testing is available every Tuesday at 1300 and Thursday at 0800.  DSST exams are available to active duty and reserve members, and their spouses FREE of charge at an active duty Coast guard site.  An appointment is needed to ensure seating availability.  Dependent children are not eligible for this service.  Members may also opt to take exams at a local college testing center for a small sitting fee.

CLEP & DSST Testing:
CLEP  and DSST examinations are available through e-testing at colleges, universities, and national testing center (on a fee basis).  These examinations are FREE to active duty, reserve and their spouses at area St. Leo University locations. Dependent children can use this service, but will have to pay for the cost of the test plus the sitting fee.  Three locations are listed below:

Naval Station Norfolk                    (Bldg U40, Room 108)          (757) 489-0969
Naval Air Station Oceana              (Bldg 531, Room 104)           (757) 428-8395
Joint Base Little Creek-Fort Story  (Bldg 3016, Room 227)         (757)  464-6449

Online study resources include, but are not limited to: (a link to You Tube videos of instructor taught lessons/classes)
And don't forget your city's online public library.  These same resources can be quite helpful when studying for the SAT and ACT.

Foreign Language Proficiency Testing:
Foreign language testing is given on an as needed basis at Base Portsmouth; click here to make an appointment or for more information.  Testing is also available at TRACEN Yorktown, by contacting  Ms. Catherine Norrell  or (757) 856-2605 and the Navy College Office at Naval Station Norfolk (757) 444-9245.

Hooray...learn a foreign language FREE!
Did you say you wanted to learn a foreign language? Or maybe you need a refresher course.  Well, Mango Languages is finally available.  Enrollment is limited to active, reserve, and federal employees and USCG e-mail addresses.  Click on Mango Languages to start a conversation today.  Members from other CG districts should contact their Regional ESO to see if this service is available in their district.

College Visits:
The following colleges come to the Base Learning Center monthly from 1100 to 1300.  Walk-ins are encouraged.

Tidewater Community College
Contact the representative for availability: Ms. Shelly Bearden

Old Dominion University
1st Wednesday
To contact the representative: Mr. Victor Reyes

University of Phoenix

2nd Wednesday
To contact the representative:
Ms. Carla Bell-Thompson

Coastline Community College
3rd Wednesday
To contact the representative: Ms. Sue Chapman

Norfolk State University
4th Wednesday
To contact the representative: Ms. Shameena Elston

Columbia College  (of Missouri)

5th Wednesday
To contact the representative: Mr. Jim Schermerhorn

CG Line
Additional Information:

Tuition Assistance (TA): 

Request to File Tuition Assistance Application (Local Form)

Base Portsmouth uses electronic TA (WEBTA) processing.  Please contact Ms. Monica Bailey @ or call (757) 686-4005 for details.  Members of other commands should contact their respective Education Services Officers for information on what they should do to process their TA.

More of TA:

Credit for Military Experience:
All members seeking Coast Guard tuition assistance at the undergraduate (associates and bachelors) level will be required to have a current assessment no older than four years before receiving Coast Guard tuition assistance.  Members are encouraged to submit their Application for Transcript (CGI-1561) requests through their unit ESOs as soon as possible to avoid any delay in receiving tuition assistance.

Professional Development:
The University of Central Missouri is now offering the world famous DALE CARNEGIE courses at convenient locations around the world.  Courses are approved for tuition assistance and Montgomery GI Bill.  To enroll or request information, please contact the University of Central Missouri-School of Graduate and Extended Studies at 877-SAY-UCMO Ext. 24 or visit them on the web at or Wade Powell & Associates at (757) 490-1611.

Post 9/11 GI Bill Information:
If you're considering transferring your GI Bill benefits to your dependents, make sure that you are informed by visiting

The simplified rule for Post-9/11 GI Bill Transfer of Education Benefit as written in the DCMS, is listed below:

  1. If a member was retirement eligible as of 1 August 2009, no additional service obligation required.

  2. If a member was retirement eligible from 2 August 2009 - 31 July 2010, they must obligate 12 additional months.

  3. If a member was retirement eligible from 1 August 2010 - 31 July 2011, they must obligate 24 additional months.

  4. If a member is retirement eligible from 1 August 2011 - 31 July 2012, they must obligate 36 additional months.

  5. Any member retirement eligible on/after 1 August 2012 must obligate 48 additional months.

  6. Any member "involuntarily" and honorably discharged/retired, i.e., CRSP, medical board, disability, etc., no matter how long they've been in, can transfer benefits while still on Active Duty without having to obligate additional service time.

Starting 01 August 2013, obligated service requirements will be determined by our Commandant.  Until then, there is no change and the current obligated service requirements will remain in effect.

Questions regarding obligated service requirements should be directed to Mr. Reidus Stokes, GI Bill Program Manager, 202-493-1936 or

How Do I Transfer My Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits?

  1. Your CAC is needed initially.  Click .

  2. Click "register for a Premium Account" (located on the right side of web page under Most Popular Features).  Follow the steps.

  3. After registering, "x" out of the webpage and click again.

  4. Login using username and password you created during registration.

  5. Once logged on, click on "Transfer Post 9/11 Education Benefits" (located on the right side of web page under Most Popular Features).

  6. Verify the dependents that are listed.  Under the "Edit" column click each respective name and enter the number of months of benefit you want to add (up to 36 months total for all dependents).

  7. a. START/END DATE for spouse: leave blank (START date defaults to date you make the requests).
    b. START/END DATE for children: leave blank (END date defaults to 26th birthday for dependent children and 15 years after service end date for spouses).
    *** You can also choose to "revoke" previously transferred benefits on this page.

  8. Read and check the boxes under "Transferability of Education Benefits Acknowledgements" to acknowledge understanding.

  9. Click "Submit Request".

[Anyone who has transferred Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits, but is now considering using it for themselves, should be careful to NOT revoke all the previously transferred benefits (i.e. take months obligated to dependent down to zero).  Doing so will require a new obligated period if/when you transfer it back.]

How Do I Use My 9/11 GI Bill Benefits?

CG members can activate their Post 9/11 GI Bill online by visiting and following the steps below.

  1. Click on "Start VONAPP"

  2. Click "continue" located at the bottom right of page until you reach the login and Pass screen

  3. Click on "Sign up now" and create a user name/Password (with hint)

  4. Select "Form 22-1990" from the drop down menu located at the top and click continue

  5. You will be asked a series of questions to create your electronic submission


CG members can activate using a paper application by visiting this link for the VA Form 22-1990 (Application for VA Education Benefits)

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