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Finance and Accounting Division (bf) - Comptroller Department

Accounting Branch Phone List
Branch Chief Allen L. Freeman (757) 483-8570
FPD Administrator Don Horky (757) 483-8627
Financial Management Team Supervisor SK1 Tina Watson (757) 638-5993
Account Reconciler SK3 Kara Goodman (757) 483-8608
Account Reconciler SK3 Ciera Gee (757) 686-4010
Account Reconciler SK3 Pierce Schrecengast (757) 295-2053
Account Reconciler SK3 Te'amber Kearly (910) 440-6551

The Accounting Division manages the Base OE and BSU/D5 central overhead accounts and provides end of quarter and end of year closeout information on Base and its AOR unit accounts to SILC.  It also provides FPD support, training and maintenance to all Base Portsmouth users and AOR Units.  They assist supported units with reconciling accounts, financial management oversight, vendor payment problems and act as the liaison between them and FINCEN.

Last Modified 1/12/2016