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Personnel Support Department

Base Los Angeles-Long Beach Reserve Personnel work to fulfill the Personnel Services and Support Unit's commitment to quality customer service and proactive communications.  We strive to satisfy our customers and will do everything we can to make your experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

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*Base Los Angeles-Long Beach Reserves are issued Quarterly Orders to perform Inactive Duty Training (IDT) drills.

Base Los Angeles-Long Beach Reserve Schedule for FY 2015:

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Reserve Quarterly Orders Memo Information:

Ref:  (a)  Reserve Policy Manual COMDTINST M1001.28A

1.     ORDERS - Per Chapter 4.A.2 of reference (a), those Reservists listed in enclosure (1) to these orders are directed to perform Inactive Duty Training (IDT) drills at the times and locations specified in enclosure (2).  Additional or alternate drill dates may be required and will supersede these orders.  A copy of these orders must be in your possession while drilling and traveling to and from your drill site.  These are official government orders for military duty under the provisions of the Armed Forces Reserve Act of 1955.

2.     ABSENCES - If for any reason you are unable to perform a scheduled drill, you are directed to notify your LPO or SRO at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled drill date.  Failure to do so will result in an unjustifiable unexcused absence that cannot be made up.

3.    UNIFORM - Wearing of the uniform is required.  You are to report in the uniform of the day and to conform to the established grooming standards.

4.     CONDUCT - Upon voluntary acceptance of these orders, you are subject to the Uniform Code of the Military Justice (UCMJ) at all times while engaged in the performance of these orders.

5.     WORK DAY - You are to report to the location specified in these orders as directed and perform duties until released, but no later than 2400 hours on the final day unless circumstances prevent such release; e.g. vessel is underway.  No more than two drills may be earned in one calendar day.  Normal drill hours are 0700 to 1600 with a one-hour lunch period each day.  Flextime hours may be considered on a case by case basis with a minimum of eight (8) hours actual work time in a 24-hour period.

6.     CHANGE OF STATUS - You are hereby instructed to keep this Command informed of any changes to your home address, all telephone numbers, home and work email addresses at all times.  Update changes in Direct Access, Emergency Notification System (ENS), and contact the PSD Customer Service Center at 310-521-6080.

7.    SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - Personnel traveling to and from drills by automobile must have seat belts fastened at all times.  Personnel traveling by motorcycle must wear an approved helmet and hard-soled shoes.

8.    CO’S MAST - Commanding Officer’s Request Mast must be arranged in advance.

9.    BERTHING –By authority of Chapter 2.B.6 of reference (a), members living more than 50 miles from their assigned drill site, are generally privileged to berthing at government expense.  All inquiries regarding berthing should be directed to the PSD Customer Service Phone at 310-521-6080 at least 30 days in advance of scheduled drill date. Failure to cancel reservations properly and failure to notify the berthing coodinator will result in revocation of berthing privileges.

Last Modified 2/10/2015