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Transportation, Household Goods (HHG) Services

Personnel Support Department

Base Los Angeles-Long Beach Personnel Support Department Transportation Office mission is to provide household goods customer service for military and civilian members of the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force moving within or out of the area.  Our office is responsible for counseling inbound and outbound Household Goods (HHG) shipments, Personally Procured Moves (PPM), assistance with Household Goods Claims, counseling on HHG entitlements and providing guidance with the new online Defense Personal Property Program DP3.  We strive to satisfy our customers and will do everything we can to make your experience with us as easy and pleasant as possible.

The Defense Personal Property System (DPS) is the one-stop source for managing personal property moves.  In addition, DPS will provide the convenience of 24/7 access to personal property shipment information and a conduit for a direct relationship between DOD members and TSP's throughout the entire moving process.  Your local transportation office is available to assist you at anytime throughout your move.  First, you must register for a DPS account at click on DPS registration and you are ready to start the process.  DPS will give you the ability to:

Getting Started:

Contact Information

Hours of Operation

We provide one-on-one counseling for members on entitlements for the following:

For assistance with shipments and scheduling your move, be prepared to Self-Counsel using DPS or make an appointment with your nearest Transportation Office.

  1. Have your APPROVED AND SIGNED ORIGINAL PCS orders in hand when you want to request a shipment.  If you do not have orders please contact your unit ADMIN and check on the status.  Note: without orders, your pack/pickup requested dates will be delayed greatly.

  2. Have an idea of when you want to move. Please be flexible as possible especially during peak season. You will be asked to select a packing and pickup date Mon-Fri, no Holidays (please allow 7-10 working days in advance to schedule a date). If at all possible, do not schedule a pickup, a lease termination, or a house sale closing on the same date.

  3. Schedule an appoint with the Transportation office.  We offer counseling on a daily basis, but please call ahead to make an appointment so that we can devote our time to your needs.

  4. Get a follow-up phone call or email once your HHG shipment has been booked with names and contact phone numbers.  You will need to arrange a pre-move survey with this company.  If further assistance is needed at this time, be sure to call the Base LA/LB PSD Transportation Office.

For assistance with Personally Procured Moves (PPM), you are required to Self-Counsel by using DPS or see your local Transportation Office for counseling for approval prior to performing your PPM.  Weight tickets must be obtained from origin!  No counseling and no weight ticket from origin will result in "no incentive payment".  A customer will be reimbursed actual expense only.

Forms required for a Personally Procured Move (PPM):

For damage claims, go to and click on the "Claims/CSS" to watch the informative how-to video and review the process overview.  For assistance with the filing process, you can contact your Transportation Office.  Please complete the following actions:

  1. Initiate the claims process by filing your Lost/Damage report in DPS within 75 days of delivery.

  2. Follow-up by submitting your formal Claim as soon as possible, but not longer than 9 months after delivery for Full Replacement Value benefits (or within 2 years of delivery date for depreciated value).

  3. You are encouraged to upload file attachments of pictures/receipts to portray the condition and value of your belongings.  (Note that the system response time can be slow when working with attachments.) 

  4. To escalate issues (i.e., non-responsive moving company or unsuccessful negotiations), contact your Military Claims Office (MCO) or contact your nearest Transportation Office.


Last Modified 2/10/2015