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Base Detachment Saint Louis

Mutual Assistance

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The Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Program's central purpose is to assist our clients during their time of financial need.  The program provides financial stability and promotes the general well being of the people is serves.  In addition, assistance is provided through counseling, financial grants, interest-free loans, and other related means. 


Mutual Assistance Officer


CWO2 Jeffrey C. Meyer

  (314) 269-2321  



    * Coast Guard Mutual Assistance:  This link is to the Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Headquarters website, which provides information on various benefits associated with the program. 

    * Coast Guard Mutual Assistance Manual (Online Version)

    * Applications for Mutual Assistance

        - Quick Loan Application (CGMA Form 1)

        - CGMA Application for Assistance (CGMA Form 5)

        - Application for CGMA Layette (CGMA Form 7)

        - Application for Stafford/PLUS Load Fee Refund (CGMA Form 8)

        - Application for CGMA Supplemental Education Grant (SEG) (CGMA Form 10)

        - CGMA Application for Education Loan (CGMA Form 11)

        - CGMA Budget Form (CGMA Form 15)

        - Pre-Authorization Form (CGMA Form 16)