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Security Levels

Base Detachment Saint Louis

Administrative and Customer Service Center

                      Base Detachment St. Louis Logo                      

Administration & Customer Service

CWO Jeffrey Meyer
(314) 269-2321

YNC Jessica Colombo
(314) 269-2490

YN2 Valerie Ebli
(314) 269-2341
YN3 Brian Rogers
(314) 269-2365
YN3 Kellsie Edgcomb
(314) 269-2481


"2012 US Coast Guard DEERS/ID Card Site of the Year"


Our mission is to enforce regulations and establish procedures for the issue and recovery of all identification cards (military and civilian), while providing the best customer service possible!

Military ID Card Representatives - (314) 269-2407

YN2 Rosana Todd, Site Security Manager,

YN2 Valerie Ebli, Site Security Manager,

YN3 Brian Rodgers, Verifying Official, 


Address - 1222 Spruce Street, Suite 2.107, Saint Louis, MO 63103


Hours of Operation - Excluding Weekends and Federal Holidays



***** To make appointments, please visit or click:


Monday                     8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Tuesday                    CLOSED

Wednesday                8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Thursday                   CLOSED

Friday                       8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 


The RAPIDS/DEERS Office will be closed on the following days:


    * Friday, January 1, 2016; New Year's Day!

    * Monday, January 18, 2016; Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

    * Monday, February 15, 2016; Washington's Birthday!

    * Monday, May 30, 2016; Memorial Day!

    * Monday, July 4, 2016; Independence Day!

    * Monday, September 5, 2016; Labor Day!

   * Monday, October 10, 2016; Columbus Day!

   * Friday, November 11, 2016; Veterans Day!

   * Thursday, November 24, 2016; Thanksgiving  

    * Monday, December 26, 2016; Christmas Day!


* The last Common Access Card will be issued at 2:30p.m., Monday Wednesday, and  Friday. All other DEERS services, e.g. record updates, preparation of DD Form 1172-2s, etc... are accepted up to the time of office closure!*       

**Before traveling to downtown St. Louis, please contact the ID Card Desk to ensure availability of services**

***CAC & Teslin ID Card Overview - Click to expedite your visit - DEERS Information for Application of CAC and Teslin Cards***


Frequently Asked Questions

DEERS Resources & Information

                             External Links                             

*DEERS     *RAPIDS Site Locator     *TRICARE       *TRICARE's Web Beneficiary Enrollment


Applicable Forms

* DD Form 1172-2 - Application For Identification Cards/DEERS Enrollment (72.5k, PDF) 

* DD Form 137-3 - Dependency Statement - Parent (501 KB, PDF) 

* DD Form 137-4 - Dependency Statement - Child Born Out of Wedlock Under Age 21 (72.5k, PDF) 

* DD Form 137-5 - Dependency Statement - INCAP Over Age 21 (488 KB, PDF)

* DD Form 137-6 - Dependency Statement - Full Time Student 21 - 22 Years of Age (467 KB, PDF)

* DD Form 137-7 - Dependency Statement - Ward of A Court (519 KB, PDF)

* ID Card for Incapacitated Child (46.9 KB, PDF) 

* TRICARE Prime Enrollment Form (1.82 MB, PDF) 

* Valid Forms of Identification (15.5 KB, PDF) 


The Department of Defense (DoD) is actively working to protect your identity.  In order to make your ID more secure, DoD has enacted a plan to remove all Social Security Numbers from all military and civilian ID Cards.  Details regarding the implementation process can be found in the information pamphlets below:

* SSN Reduction Plan Informational Flyer (127k, PDF)

* SSN Reduction Plan Informational Poster (252k, PDF) 

* SSN Reduction Plan Informational Tri-Fold Pamphlet (344k, PDF)

RAPIDS sites are now issuing DoD Civilian Retiree ID Cards.  To learn more about this type of card, please see information below:

* Civilian Retiree Informational Poster (154k, PDF)

* Civilian Retiree Informational Tri-fold Pamphlet (135k, PDF)


For the latest Foul Weather Information you may call
the USCG Sector Upper Mississippi Foul Weather Hotline -

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