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Health Promotion Program


NEW! CG SUPRT Program- Health Coaching

Call: 855-CG SUPRT (247-8778),

The program is available to active duty members and their dependents, select Reservist and their dependents, full-time civil service employees and their dependents, full-time exchange system and MWR employees and their dependents. Health coaching assists employees and their family members with health matters such as weight loss, weight management, tobacco cessation and stress reduction.


Health Promotion Program Responsibilities:

The Regional Health Promotion Manager (HPM) is attached to Health, Safety, & Work-Life Field Office in Boston. Your HPM shall provide guidance to commands, training to Unit Health Promotion Coordinators (UHPC's) and provide health promotion services to Coast Guard beneficiaries within the First District. She is your subject matter expert regarding health and wellness in the Coast Guard.


Services from the HPM include:

-Support the development of UHPC's with ongoing mentoring, training and resources.

-Assist commands with environmental assessments to determine their health promotion programming needs.crew working out on one of the cutters

- Coordinate or conduct lifestyle/fitness assessments (i.e., Personal Wellness Profile (PWP)). *If your unit would like to complete the PWP program contact your UHPC or regional HPM.


- Manage and train Unit Health Promotion Coordinators.


- Conduct health-related presentations and workshops including:

- Provide educational materials and guidance for tobacco cessation.


- Provide weight management training and education to commands, and conducts individual counseling for members who are on weight probation. 


- Establish and determine appropriate educational resources for weight management. 


- Conduct health screenings including:

-Conduct Stress Management Training and Counseling (using the Essi Stress Maps & Stress Profiler).


HPC Toolbox:

The following tools are designed to help Health Promotion Coordinators with their HPC responsibilities. If you should have any questions about these forms, please contact Yvette Lillge.

  1. Calorie Calculation

  2. MAW Participants Tracking Sheet

  3. MAW UHPC Requirements

  4. MAW Tracking Sheet   

  1. HPC Designation Letter

  • Fitness Program

  1. CG Form 6049

  2. Workout Templates

  3. Fitness Calculator

  4. Cutter Sample Unit Fitness Instruction

  5. AST Airman Exercises

  6. Fitness Equipment Toolbox




What supplements are banned in the Coast Guard?

The Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. Coast Guard has no formal list of dietary supplements or ingredients that have been banned. If the FDA, FTC, or DEA has not banned a substance or product or has not declared it illegal for use as a dietary supplement, then the DoD and the U.S. Coast Guard also does not consider it illegal or banned. However, the FDA has found that many dietary supplements—especially weight-loss, bodybuilding, and sexual-enhancement products—contain undeclared drug ingredients, which could be potentially harmful and/or can produce unwanted results in a urinalysis test (see the OPSS infosheet about drug testing at the link below). To date, the FDA has banned one dietary supplement ingredient (ephedra), recalled many products (Hydroxycut, multiple prohormone /pro-testosterone supplements, HCG weight-loss products), and sent warning letters to others (see FAQ on DMAA) at the link below.

Go to for your dietary supplement questions.


 Helpful links:

National Institute of Health

World Health Organization

Navy, Marine Corps Public Health Center

American Heart Association

Office of Dietary Supplements

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Exercise and Muscle Directory


Contact: Yvette Lillge

Office phone number: 617-223-3256 (or 888-708-3879 extension 33256)



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