Airman Syllabus Exercise Demonstration Videos

To view an exercise, click on one of the links below:

Warm-Up and Corrective Exercises

Front Arm Swing Cross-Body Arm Swing
Banded Front Arm Raise Side Arm Raise with Band
Rear Arm Raise with Band Straight Leg Swing
Straight Leg Swing with Band Deep Squat with Band
Lateral Alternate Steps with Band Hand to Instep Crawl
Inchworm Crawl  

Body Weight Exercises

Push-Up Chin-Up
Pull-Up Sit-Up
Inchworm Push-Up Seated Tuck
Triceps Push-Up Sea Turtle
Banded Flutter Kick Deep Squat
Reverse Lunge Lateral Lunge
Core Builder Drill Body Weight Row
Split Stance Jump Explosive Squat Jump and Press
Explosive Push-Up  

Medicine Ball Exercises

1-Foot Chest Pass Lateral Lunge with Touch
3-Foot Chest Pass Medicine Ball Lateral Scoop
8-Foot Chest Pass Reverse Lunge with Touch
Drop Step Squat with Touch Sea Turtle Ball Roll
Low Toss Explosive Squat Jump Press
Deep Squat Side-to-Side Drill
Reverse Lunge Ball Box Drill
Figure 8 Drill  

Resistance Exercises

Barbell Front Squat Side-to-Side Plate
Dumbbell Press Standing Push/Press Staggered
Standing Cable Triceps Press Sequential Pull and Press
Drop Step Squat with Touch Jump Squat and Press
Standing Cable Crossover Hip-Flexed Pull-Up