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Transition Assistance

TAP seminars are available to Coast Guard members on Active Duty, Reserves, Retirees, and their spouses.

The TAP seminars provide information and assistance to all separating and retiring members to ensure they transition effectively from military to civilian life. The main purpose of TAP is to advise separating members of the numerous benefits, programs, and services available to them during the transition process. Resume writing, Job/Career search, Approved Dress for and Job Interviewing techniques, Survivor benefits, Veteran’s benefits, Tricare, and Delta Dental benefits are topics addressed in the TAP workshop.

TAP attendance is encouraged for:

Download, complete with unit separation counselor and bring to class – Pre-Separation Counseling Checklist, DD2648. Completion of this form is mandatory. Separating and retiring personnel are required to complete at least 90 days prior to separation and receive counseling from their unit separation counselor. If the form is not completed 90 days or more prior to separation, an explanation is required in block 27.

A question that typically arises for attending a TAP similar is funding. COMDTINST 1900.2A paragraph 6.b.2.a. states that units shall send qualifying members to the closest and/or most cost-effective location to attend a TAP workshop. If members have been retired or separated for 6 months or less, he/she is responsible for funding their own travel to and from the seminar. Paragraph 6.C.2.c states that members shall attend the closest seminar which is normally more cost-effective. If a TAP seminar is not available or if the cost is prohibitive, the member is to receive all information covered in a seminar from his/her regional TRM

To register for a TAP seminar that accommodates your schedule, please contact the Point of Contact (POC) listed for the specific site. If for any reason you are unable to attend a TAP class you have signed up for, please cancel as someone else may need to attend.