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Transition Relocation Program

Relocation Spouse Employment Information Transition Assistance Program
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Routine assignment of sponsors is only required for recruits and academy graduates. If you would like a sponsor to assist in your reassignment, you may need to request one from your new unit.

Sponsorship Guide

No matter how many times we do it, moving can be difficult. Good sponsorship can often make the difference between a good and bad move.

Good sponsorship can:

As a sponsor, you provide the personal touch. Here are some key points about being responsive and making the newcomer feel like an important part of the team:

  1. Think of the kind of help that you would want if you were making a move. Also, remember each situation is different and not everyone wants and/or needs the same assistance.
  2. Personalize your approach based on your style and their needs.
  3. Listen!!! Many times a newcomer can reduce their stress level just by having someone to talk to who is “already there” or who shows an interest.
  4. Be open and honest but try to stay positive. Let the newcomer form their own opinions about the unit, co-workers, and the local area.
  5. If you miss a call from the newcomer, always call back the same day if possible. This is considered an official call and can be placed from the unit telephone.
  6. Tell the newcomer when it is a good time to contact you. Also, tell him/her if you are going TAD or will be unavailable for a period of time and who they can contact while you are gone.
  7. Be a sponsor for the entire inbound family. Ask questions about the family, their background, and likes or interests. You can involve your own family in the sponsorship by having them write letters to the new family.
  8. If you don’t know how to respond to a particular issue, seek assistance. You can contact the Work-Life Staff, your supervisor, the support staff, the administrative yeoman or your executive officer for guidance or assistance.
  9. Stay connected with the new arrival for a few weeks. Check on them to ensure they are settling. 

    Sponsorship Tools

    A local Sponsor Handbook is available here to assist you in you sponsor assignment. It contains checklists, tips, where to get answers, duties, etc.

    A Command Sponsor Training power point is also available to assist with training unit sponsors.

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