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Galley Customer Feedback Form

At the Dining Facility we are constantly striving to improve our services to better satisfy our customers. We need and value your feedback as to how we are doing. Please take a minute to share your thoughts and concerns with us. Thank you.

Tell us how to get in touch with you:


Tell us about the service you received:


1. Timeliness (Was your food and/or service received in a timely fashion?)

2. Quality (Was your meal or service delivered as expected, accurate, well prepared?)

3. Responsiveness (Was the staff courteous, polite, quick to respond, flexible, honest, professional?)

4. Reliability (Did we understand your needs, were we knowledgeable, Did we deliver a quality product/service?)

5. Value (Are we easy to do business with, have a reasonable cost?)


What can we do to serve you better?

Last Modified 1/13/2016