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Coast Guard Island Special Event Facilities

Call (510) 437-5350 to reserve one of these facilities for your event. An alternate number is (510) 437-3548. Be sure to read the info below on policies regarding their use.  If equipment is needed, fill out and turn in this form: Equipment Request Form. All MWR facilities are closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day.  Reservations are made on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Reservations for USCG mission support, ops & training are accepted anytime.  MWR-related reservations for USCG Active Duty personnel are accepted up to 6 months in advance.  All other reservations are accepted no more than 3 months in advance.  (Click here for facility descriptions.)

An approval/disapproval letter will be sent to you NLT 5 days before your event. Please use the following phone numbers to conduct follow-up on your request in the event you get no confirmation within 5 business days of your requested event: 510) 437-5350. The MWR Director can also be contacted at(510) 437-3579.
Facility Hours
Gresham Hall 7AM-10PM $310 + $150 cleaning deposit
Pt. Welcome 7AM-10PM $310 + $150 cleaning deposit
Banners Club 7AM-10PM $225 + $150 cleaning deposit
Gazebo Picnic 2 Area 7AM-Sundown $210 + $200 cleaning deposit
East Eagle Picnic Area 2 7AM-Sundown $210 + $200 cleaning deposit
Swimming Pool 3 Mon-Thu, 6AM-8PM
Fri-6AM to noon
Sat-Sun, 8AM-6PM
$150 + $150 cleaning deposit
Athletic Field 7AM-Sundown $150 + $150 cleaning deposit
Classroom 35 4 7AM-9PM  
Soccer Field 7AM-Sundown  
Tennis Courts 1, 2 Mon-Fri, 7AM-9PM
Sat-Sun, 8AM-6PM
Basketball Court Mon-Fri, 6AM-9PM
Sat-Sun, 8AM-6PM


Note 1:

Checks are acceptable, made payable to USCG Base Alameda Morale Fund.  Deposits are required for all unofficial functions held at MWR facilities.  Deposits will be returned upon satisfactory cleaning of the area.  To obtain your deposit you must return the provided inspection checklist signed off by the OOD or an MWR representative.

Note 2: Use of "bouncy houses" is prohibited.
Note 3: Pool is available for unit training from 7-11AM Mon-Fri.  Unit training takes precedence over lap swimming.
Note 4 Classroom 35 is for training and official functions only. 

Facility Policies, Rules & Regulations 

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No Cost Use Use Policy Authorized Patrons
Non-Competition Policy Enforcement of Rules Patron Responsibilities
Noise/Language Sales/Political Events  

No Cost Use

Use of facilities by units located on Coast Guard Island is at no charge for the following events and groups:

Use Policy

The Coast Guard Island recreational facilities are available for both official and unofficial functions. These recreational facilities shall be scheduled through the Base Alameda Special Events Coordinator.  If a conflict arises, MWR shall have the final determination as to use of the facility. All unofficial scheduling is on a first-come, first-serve basis.   Authorized patrons are subject to a user fee and a non-refundable cleaning fee for the Banners Club, Gresham Hall and Point Welcome.   All patrons, official and unofficial, are responsible for setup and takedown of any items required for the specific function.
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Authorized Patrons & Priority Basis

The following personnel are authorized patrons of MWR facilities and, if necessary, will be prioritized in the order shown. Certain restrictions apply (see following restrictions).

  1. Active duty personnel & eligible dependents
  2. Members of the ready reserve, reserves in training, members of the National Guard, and their dependents
  3. Retired military personnel & eligible dependents
  4. Government employees attached to Coast Guard Island
  5. Coast Guard Auxiliary
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No Competition Policy

Coast Guard MWR does not exist to compete with private business, therefore the use of the facilities by non-Coast Guard Clubs or other organizations is limited.  Clubs or Organizations wishing to use these facilities, for a fee must consist of approximately 50% military affiliated persons, or shall have specific command sponsorship by a Coast Guard Command located on Coast Guard Island.  That sponsoring command will be responsible for the activities of the organization.  Organizations must be non-profit in nature.
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Provided along with the letter of authorization will be a cleaning checklist.  Patrons should follow the instructions and complete the cleaning checklist so the MWR Staff can return the deposit (if applicable), upon completion.  If the cleaning checklist has not been returned to the MWR office (Bldg. 16) within five working days after the event date, then the deposit will not be returned.
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Enforcement of Rules

The Base Alameda Command Duty Officer (CDO) has complete oversight authority for all events aboard Coast Guard Island.  The CDO has the authority to stop any event aboard Coast Guard Island for violating any rules, regulations, instructions, or orders pertaining to events aboard Coast Guard Island.  If the CDO finds it necessary to stop any event, there will be no refunds. Additionally, it is still the patron’s responsibility to ensure the recreational facility is clean and free of damage.
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Sales/Political Events

Absolutely no sales or political events will be allowed within MWR facilities on Coast Guard Island.
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Patron Responsibilities

All patrons are expected to leave facilities free of trash and in a clean, neat condition. A cleaning checklist will be provided for check-in and checkout. The Base Alameda OOD shall be contacted at the beginning and end of all events aboard Coast Guard Island. The OOD shall fully inspect the recreational facility at the end of the event to ensure cleanliness and that the facility is free of damage. Patrons are responsible for breakage, which is not due to normal wear and tear. All patrons, official and unofficial, are responsible for setup and takedown of any items required for the specific function.
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Loud events are not acceptable.  Use of profanity and vulgar language or behavior is not acceptable.
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Facility Descriptions

Gresham Hall

Gresham Hall is located in Building 4.  Gresham Hall is available at no charge to all Coast Guard units for official functions and training.  Gresham Hall is ideal for official meetings, all hands training, Chiefs Calls, etc.  There is full range of audiovisual equipment as well as a podium, tables and chairs. Tables and chairs in Gresham Hall are located in the storage room outside of the East exit. Please return all tables and chairs to the storage room at the conclusion of your event. All food is authorized in the room. There is no "kitchen" or mess.  Gresham Hall can accommodate a maximum of 182 occupants.
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Point Welcome

Point Welcome is located in Building 4, and is available for all official and unofficial functions.  The room is ideal for retirements, parties, Wetting Downs, receptions, etc.  Audiovisual equipment is limited to a podium with a microphone and built in speaker.  Tables and chairs are in a pre-arranged and organized fashion.  Sponsors must ensure that the room is arranged the way it was found at the conclusion of an event.  All food is authorized in The Point Welcome Room.  Kitchen area is limited to water, counter tops, small cooler (like a fridge), access to ice machine, and there are limited electrical outlets.  Point Welcome can accommodate a maximum of 182 occupants.
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The Banners Club

The Banners Club is located in Building 18 and is available for all official and unofficial functions. This room is ideal for parties and informal meetings.  There is no audiovisual equipment in The Banners Club.  All food is authorized in The Banners Club.  There is running water and limted counter top space behind the "bar". The Banners club can accommodate approximately 60 occupants.
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The Gazebo Picnic Area

The Gazebo Picnic Area is located on Campbell Boulevard, is available for all official and unofficial functions, and can accommodate up to 200 occupants.. The Gazebo Picnic Area features three covered gazebos, three BBQ’s, two horseshoe pits and a volleyball court. Electricity and running water are available at The Gazebo Picnic Area.  The use of "bouncy houses" on base is authorized.
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East Eagle Picnic Area

The East Eagle Picnic Area is located on Eagle Road (Near MSST) and can accommodate up to 100 occupants.  It is available for all official and unofficial functions. The East Eagle Picnic Area features three BBQ’s. The use of "bouncy houses" on base is authorized.
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Swimming Pool  NOTE: Pool now closes at noon on Fridays for maintenance/upkeep.

The primary use of the Coast Guard Island Pool Facility is for training and fitness. Recreational (Lap swim) swimming is only authorized at designated hours.  Lap swim is also authorized when the pool is available and is not being used for unit training.
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