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Mutual Assistance Program

If you have any questions please call one of the Mutual Assistance Representatives
listed or send an e-mail by clicking the name below:

Primary -   Mr. Christopher Mack (202) 372-4013
Alternate - YNC Jeff Bossingham
(202) 372-4015
Alternate - PERS4 David Liberty
(202) 372-4010

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance has been "looking out after our own" since 1924. CGMA assist over 9,000 people on average each year - over $7 million dollars as loans or grants which average around $6 million in personal loans and $1 million as grants.

Who is eligible?

  1. Service Members
    They are defined as those who are:
    • Active Duty Members
    • Commissioned Officer of the Public Health Service serving with the Coast Guard
    • Retired Members of the Coast Guard
    • Academy Cadets and OCS Personnel
    • Retired Reserve w/ pay (RET1)
    • Reserve Members while serving on Extended Active Duty

  2. Permanent Civilian Employees
    They are defined as those who are:
    • Permanent Employees
    • Full-time Employees
    • Part-time Employees
    • Non-Appropriated Fund Employees

  3. Temporary Civilian Employees
    • Temporary Employees
    • Full-time or Temporary
    • Part-time Employees
    • Non-Appropriated Funds

  4. Dependant Family Members
    They are defined as those who are:
    • Lawful Spouse of a Service Member
    • Unmarried Children under 21 (23 for ADM Roland Student Loan Program) dependant on a service member for over 50% of their support
    • Widowed Spouse of a Service Member who has not re-married
    • Parents, Dependant on over 50% support from a Service Member
    • Families of a Deceased Service Member

  5. Sponsor Members
    They are defined as those who are:
    • Member of CG Ready Reserve not Servicing on Extended Active Duty
    • Member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary

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