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HHG and Transportation

Please call the number showns to contact the Transportation Section:
(202) 372-4032 or 4033

The Transportation Section is located in Room 1D17-00.
Hours of Operation are from 0830 - 1530
Monday - Friday

Ms. Loretta Rhodes (202) 372-4032 Room 1D17-00
Ms. Deanna Morris (202) 372-4033 Room 1D17-00

Additional Information:

HHG Program | HHG Damage Claims | Travel Card Program | Travel Services


Welcome to the Headquarters Base Household Goods & Transportation Section website! This site is designed to provide assistance with the movement of Household Goods (HHG), administer the Government Travel Card Program, and provide general assistance with implementation of FedTrip for the Washington Metro Area. This web page has been developed to answer many common household goods movement questions and provide step-by-step procedures along with other interesting links that will assist you. We want you and your coworkers to refer to it and receive satisfactory assistance. Our mission is to deliver services to members and their families with the information needed for moving their household goods that will exceed the corporate relocations, improves the quality of life for our personnel and their families, and provides the best value to the government in an accurate and timely manner. If we hit or miss the mark - let us know! For process improvements or suggestions call Transportation at (202) 372-4032 or 4033.

Transportation Notices:

  1. All members arriving PCS who do not have a Travel Card must apply for one by completing an Account setup form, and all members arriving PCS who already possess a Travel Card must complete the Maintenance Form. Both forms are available by clicking on the Travel Card Program button under services.

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