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Phone Numbers for CGI, OFB & YBI Units

This list is not all inclusive.  It contains a general information number for most units in the CGI area. All Coast Guard Island phone numbers begin with (510) 437-xxxx, unless otherwise stated below.


District 11 x3968/3623


Armory x3806/3339
Auxiliary x3317/3315

Base Alameda x5371/5379
*  C4IT x5372
*  Comptroller/Base Ops x3175
    - Comptroller x3175
    - Base Operations x3156
    - Deputy/Warehouse x5387
    - Galley x3303
    - Motor Pool x3270/3865
    - Shipping/Receiving (Warehouse Bldg 42 on Eagle Rd) 3258/2713
*  Facilities Engineering x3275
*  Health Safety Work Life x3189
     - Dental x3615
     - Medical x3581/3582
     - Work Life x5924
*  Naval Engineering x3846/5874/3283
*  Personnel Support x3792
     - Admin x3795
     - Housing x3961 ext. 4354 or 4355
     - ID Cards x3829
     - MWR x3580
     - Personal Property Shipping Office (Transportation) x3113
     - SPO x3712/3680
*  Procurement & Contracting x3195

C4IT (OFB) 510-637-5400

C3CEN 510-637-5410

CEU Oakland 510-637-5570 (No longer on Embarcadero; at OFB now.)

CGIS Pacific Region x3406

DOL-43 x5865

HSWL SC 510-637-1350

Legal Service Command x3330/5891

MIFCPAC  x3479/3750

MSST x3692

Pacific Fisheries (was TRATEAM West) x3291/3293

PSC-PSD Surge Staffing Branch x5964

PSC-PSD fs Housing West x3931

Public Affairs Office (D11) x3325 (Duty PA is 510-772-8865)

Recruiting Office, Coast Guard (Active) 769-8187
Recruiting Office, Coast Guard Reserve Position vacant as of Aug 2013; call 769-8187)

Regional Exam Center 510-637-1124/112(also called National Maritime Center)

Sector San Francisco

SFLC LRE 510-637-5800 (in the OFB)

SILC Contracting, Detached Duty Alameda, Building 54 (CGI) x3732

SILC Engineering Services Division, Portfolio Management Branch (OFB) 510-637-5500

TISCOM 510-637-5406  (Full title is Telecommunication and Information Systems Command

       C4ITSC TISCOM)  (TIS-411, PAC Det)

TRACEN Petaluma 707-765-7320

WMSL Support x3298/4700/5308

Last Modified 1/13/2016