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The Coast Guard Family Advocacy Program was established in 1982 in response to a Congressional mandate to reduce and prevent family violence within military families.

The goal of this program is to retain members in their Coast Guard careers in fully productive capacities and to make families emotionally healthy and physically safe through effective prevention or intervention when incidents of family violence occur.

Child abuse and neglect, spouse abuse, sibling abuse, parental abuse, and elder abuse are often surrounded by secrecy, fear, guilt, and anger. However, within the Coast Guard, these situations are consistently being identified and resolved. Every year more and more members are retained in their Coast Guard careers and families are made healthy because of reporting, intervention, assistance and prevention efforts.

Family Advocacy Specialist

The Coast Guard employs a civilian professional Family Program Manager at Coast Guard Headquarters, and Family Advocacy Specialists (FAS’s) at the field level to administer the Family Advocacy Program. These professionals possess indepth knowledge about the family dynamics and abuse. They represent various human service disciplines, each bringing unique perspectives to the maintenance of stable family life in the Coast Guard. FAS’s manage all family advocacy cases to ensure proper involvement, referrals, services, and follow-ups. Their job is to assist commands and families. Information regarding incidents of family violence reported within the Coast Guard is kept confidential and is not made a part of the member’s service record.

If you or someone you know needs help with a family violence or abuse situation, please contact your Work-Life Staff Family Advocacy Specialist.

Contact Information:

Alameda Site (VACANT)

Mr. John Schempf
Family Advocacy Specialist
D11 North (707) 765-7045

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