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CDR Thomas Jacobson                                
HSWL Department Head
(510) 437-3189

Ms. Regina Thompson                              
Work Life Office Supervisor
(510) 437-5981

Ms. Kim Cosley                                 
Employee Assistance Coordinator
(510) 437-3927

Mr. Trevor Jackman
Family Advocacy Specialist
(510) 437-5838

Mr. John Schempf
Family Advocacy Specialist
D11 North (707) 765-7045

Ms. CJ Johnson
Transition Relocation Specialist
(510) 437-5920

Ms. Lena Gavello
Child Development Services Specialist and Ombudsman Program Coordinator
(510) 769-0831

Ms. Kristine Rutland-Cooper
Family Resource Specialist
(510) 437-3881

Ms. Eleanor Cody
Admin Assistant
(510) 437-5924

Ms. Audra Jacques
Website Administrator
(510) 437-5379

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Last Modified 2/12/2015