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Preseparation Counseling Checklist

Congress has directed (through Public Law 102-484, National Defense Authorization Act, 1995) that all service members separating from active duty receive preseparation counseling no later than 90 days prior to separation.

The Preseparation Counseling Presentation was developed for installations where no Work-Life exists, it includes all preseparation information which is designed to inform you of separation services, benefits and provides information on other service providers, while giving you an opportunity to assist you in the development of a personal individual transition plan (ITP).

To ensure that you receive proper counseling, you will be required to complete DD Form 2648, "Preseparation Counseling Checklist" (.pdf), which serves as the basis for your ITP and becomes a permanent part of your personnel record upon completion.

In order to assist your transition and help your process go a little smoother we have developed a preseparation guide (.pdf) for you to print out and refer back to for additional guidance. It follows the DD2648 and should be used as an additional tool.


1.       The original MUST BE given to your YN or to the person who is in charge of your records at your unit . Make sure that THE YN signs and dates the Preseparation Counseling Checklist.This is to be part of your permanent record.

2.       You keep a copy for your records.

3.       Contact Your TRM - Transition Relocation Manager

These services or resources can be obtained by contacting the Transition/Relocation Manager at your Regional Work-Life Staff. Work-Life Staffs are located at Integrated Support Commands CG-wide. To contact the Work-Life Staff closest to you, call 1-800-872-4957, followed by the extension listed next to the following locations:


BOSTON (301)




KODIAK (563)

MIAMI (307)





ST. LOUIS(302)



Unemployment Compensation for Military Spouses Due to the transitory nature of military life, it often becomes necessary for a spouse of a service member to leave his or her employment, in order to accompany a spouse on a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move. While the eligibility for unemployment compensation in this situation is governed differently in each state, the state of California provides unemployment compensation to military spouses who must leave their employment in California to accompany their spouses on PCS moves.

Unemployment insurance is an insurance program that is paid for by one’s employer. It provides an income when a person is out of work through no fault of his own. To qualify for benefits, one must be “unemployed,” and have earned a statutorily set minimum amount of income.


You may file a claim in a California employment security office if:

Your job was located in California (even if you live in another state, you may claim benefits from California at an employment security office in another state); OR

You live in California but your earnings were in another state. (California will act as your agent in claiming benefits from the other state; however, the laws of the other state may or may not permit compensation.)


A person is disqualified for unemployment compensation benefits if he or she leaves his or her work voluntarily without good cause (or if he or she has been discharged for work-related misconduct). In California, a person is deemed to have left his or her work with good cause if he or she leaves employment to accompany his or her spouse to a place from which it is impractical to commute to the employment. (Note: “Spouse” includes a person to whom marriage is imminent.)

Military spouses working in California, who must leave their employment to accompany their service member spouses on PCS moves outside of the practical commuting area, are considered to have left their employment with good cause.

HOW TO APPLY FOR BENEFITS: Spouses must immediately continue to look for employment after leaving their job due to the PCS move in order to rate benefits. To obtain information about unemployment benefits, refer to the State Government Offices section of the telephone directory under: CALIFORNIA STATE of EMPLOYMENT DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT.  For those who reside outside of California but who will file an unemployment benefits claim here because the wages were earned here, call 1-800-300-5616.

Contact Information:

Ms. CJ Johnson
Transition Relocation Specialist
(510) 437-5920

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