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Special Needs Program

A Special Need that would necessitate mandatory enrollment in the Coast Guard's Special Needs Program is defined as any long term professionally documented medical, physical, psychological mental or educational disability. For additional information on the Special Needs Program refer to the following: Special Needs Program Instruction, COMDTINST 1754.7a (.pdf), the Special Needs brochure (.pdf) and the Special Needs Enrollment form (.pdf) packet CG form 5494.

USCG Family Child Care Certification and Community State Licensing Procedures

Spouses residing in government owned or leased housing can become certified to care for up to six children in their home. The Family Child Care program is another means of meeting the childcare needs of the Coast Guard Community. The certification process involves a home health and safety inspection conducted by the Family Resource Specialist. For more information regarding the FCC program requirements use the How to become a State Licensed Coast Guard Certified Family Child Care Provider at Base Alameda (.pdf) document . To obtain an application packet and a listing of Coast Guard certified Family Child Care providers, you may contact the Family Resource Specialist, Kristine Cooper at (510) 437-3881 or email.

USCG Adoption Reimbursement Program

The Adoption Reimbursement Program provides reimbursement for adoption expense to eligible Coast Guard Members. The amount of reimbursable expenses payable to a Coast Guard member is up to $2000.00 per child (the maximum reimbursement to one member is $5000.00 in any calendar year). The adoption of stepchildren or others who are considered the Coast Guard member’s dependents for the purpose of receiving military benefits, does not qualify for reimbursement under this program. To obtain an Adoption Information Packet you may contact The Family Resource Specialist, Kristine Cooper at (510) 437-3881 or email.

USCG Eldercare Program

The Eldercare program is able to provide assistance to individuals meeting the challenge of caring for today’s aging population. The good news about caring for elders is the availability of full range through the National Aging Network. Through the National Aging Network each state has an Area Agency on Aging (AAA) organization that coordinates the eldercare services that are needed. The Coast Guard strives to balance work and family life by providing information, resources and referrals to these services. Contact your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for more information.

USCG Scholarships

Are you seeking monies for college education? If so then check out what the U.S. Coast Guard has to offer to qualified dependents: The Coast Guard Foundation Scholarship Program. Deadline for scholarship packet submission to HQ is 1 April annually. In addition to the Coast Guard Foundation Scholarships there are many other scholarships that are available to dependents of Active Duty members.

2006 Foundation Scholarship Announcement (.pdf)
2006 Scholarship Handbook (.pdf)
Coast Guard Foundation Scholarships - COMDTINST 5760 (.pdf)
Coast Guard Foundation Scholarship Application (.pdf)
Financial Aid Form for Coast Guard Foundation Scholarships (.pdf)  (This link needs to be corrected.)
Cash For College (.pdf)

Please be advised that Special Needs information is confidential and cannot be discussed via e-mail. Due to the confidentiality of Special Need information, a hard copy of the enrollment from must be mailed to the Work-Life Family Resource Specialist. Forms submitted via e-mail will not be accepted or processed.

Ms. Kristine Cooper
Family Resource Specialist
(510) 437-3881

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