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What You Need to Know

Family Advocacy Specialists can assist with family issues such as parenting, communication and relationship problems, and family abuse and neglect. The Family Advocacy Specialists and Work Life Programs take a proactive stance in providing the USCG military and their families a wide range of information, resources, and skills that they can utilize in their daily lives.

Your Privacy
Information regarding incidents of family violence reported within the Coast Guard can be kept confidential and is not made a part of the member’s service record.

Those presented with problems related to issues aside from domestic violence are referred out to the appropriate agencies and/or treating facilities.

Safety Assessments
To ensure safety of victims and offender involved in domestic violence, incidents are assessed in person and/or by phone. Child Protective Service is notified in “All” cases involving children.

Domestic Violence Referrals
All individuals involved in domestic violence are referred to the civilian sector for counseling. All those involved in domestic violence attend a domestic violence group, program and/or counseling.

Case Management
The Family Advocacy Specialists are required by COMDTINST 1752.1 to manage and maintain case files of Substantiated within assigned AOR.

Special Needs
The Family Advocacy Specialist may assist in special needs enrollment, and in conjunction with the Family Resource Specialist manage at-risk and high-risk for family violence cases.

October is Domestic Violence Prevention Month and April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Contact Information:

Alameda Site (VACANT)

Mr. John Schempf
Family Advocacy Specialist
D11 North (707) 765-7045

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