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MWR Branch        Please Note: Pool is now open.

Personnel Services Department

Activities & Hours of Operation
All MWR facilities are closed in observance of Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year

(Bldg 16)
 Mon-Fri, All Purpose Room          *FREE*
          Mon - Yoga    1130-1230
          Tue -  Yoga    1100-noon AND 1200-1300
          Wed - Zumba 1130-1230
          Thu -  Yoga    1100-noon AND 1200-1300
          Fri -   Zumba  1130-1230
Auto Hobby Shop
(Bldg 19)
 Wed-Fri, 11:30AM-7:30PM, Sat 9AM-4PM  (510) 437-3883
(Bldg. 16)
 Mon-Fri, 5:45AM-9PM;  Sat-Sun, 8AM-6PM  (510) 437-3580
Rowing Teams  Mon, Wed & Fri, 6-7AM (seasonal)  AND
 Mon, Wed & Fri, 1130-1230
 (510) 437-3030
Swimming Pool
(Bldg 48)

 Mon-Fri, 0545-0700        Lap Swim1
Mon-Fri, 7-11AM            Unit Training2
Mon-Fri, 11AM-1PM       Lap Swim1
Mon-Thu, 1-8PM            Open Swim3
Fri, 1-7PM                     Open Swim4
Sat, 9AM-6PM               Open Swim3
 Sun, 8AM-6PM              Open Swim

Note 1: Authorized patrons only.  No guests.
Note 2: Can take precedence over Lap & Open swim as may be necessary.
Note 3: Authorized patrons may sponsor guests.
Note 4: Closes early on Fridays for cleaning

Ticket Sales Office(Bldg 22)  Mon-Fri, 10:00AM-3:30PM
Starting 2 Mar: Open Mon & Fri only 0800-1430
for equipment rentals.
No more ticket sales. Contact Petaluma office at 707-765-7341.
 (510) 437-3578
Last Modified 3/23/2015