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Officer Accessions

Volunteer Officers are needed annually to be OCS Interview Board Members during the months of September through January.

Officer candidate interview boards are conducted on a frequent basis on Coast Guard Island Bldg 3 Education Center. Your volunteer services for these programs are very important in the selection of the best future CG officers, and we cannot do it along without your complete support and understanding. It is a collaborative effort between the Recruiting Offices, the Education Center, and the Board Interviewers prior to send the completed packages to CGRC.

Boards must have a minimum of three officers to include a senior member. Senior officer must be a LCDR and above (0-4 to 05) to serve as the board Leader, and two junior officers must be an ENS to LT (0-1 to 03) to serve as board Members. The junior members with the rank of ENS should have at least one year active duty service.

If you are planning to apply for one of the Officer’s programs, you must first contact your Alameda Recruiting Office (RO) for proper career counseling on OCS Accessions and submit your OCS package to the RO one month prior to the ESO’s Deadline programs.

Note: All packages must be submitted to the Recruiting Office with no exception and not to the Education Services Office (ESO). A recruiter will bring the packages to the Education Services Office prior to the ESO’s Deadline and request that the ESO schedules interview boards for the applicants. Once the members’ interview boards had been scheduled, the recruiting office will notify the candidates of their interview dates. 

Go to If you have any questions in reference to the interview process, please contact the Alameda Recruiting Office to review your completed package. Feel free to call the Education Services Office for further questions about education qualification at (510) 437-5846/3946/5738.

Last Modified 1/13/2016