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AFLOAT Education Program

The purpose of the Afloat Education Program at Base Alameda is to improve the education opportunities available to service members on deployed units. The benefit of improving education is twofold: 1. The Coast Guard meets its need to retain knowledgeable and competent personnel. 2. The service members improve their job performance and enhance their abilities to compete for promotion.  

Courses conducted on Cutters are from regionally accredited institutions. There are two formats of courses that students can take to earn college credits: (a) Instructor Lead course or teacher-directed course, which means the Cutters’ COs allow the Base Education contracted schools to teach live courses on board while being deployed. The instructor deploys on board the boat to teach courses for that particular time. (b) Distance Learning Self-pace course, which is student-directed. Member would use Tuition Assistance (TA) to register at any schools of their choices to take that distance learning courses.

Eligibility: The Afloat Education Program is aimed toward permanent party crewmembers and TDY personnel as long as they have sufficient time to complete courses while assigned to the unit. First time student requires to complete the Coast Guard Education Assessment Request Form before s/he can submit a request for tuition assistance. It is also recommended that students apply of a (SOC Coast) Service Opportunity College for Coast Guard or an Official Evaluation after taken the fist college course.

The program is coordinated through the Base Education and managed by the Collateral ESO’s with the support from command.

Courses offered underway: Fulfill the lower level general education, upper level requirements needed to achieve Associates or Bachelor (BA) degrees. Graduate courses are available under distance learning programs.

Traditional Instructor Lead Courses (IL): Reflect the same curriculum, number of instructor contact hours and credit hours as courses offered at the institutions home campus. Courses are delivered by one of two ways.

Distance Learning (DL) Courses: Technology based courses are offered via Personnel Data Assistant (PDA), CD-Rom or USB. DL courses reflect the same curriculum, number of instructor contact hours and credit hours as courses offered at a given institution’s home campus.

Cost: Coast Guard Tuition Assistance Program (TA) will cover courses in accordance with COMDNTINST 1500.24 and for eligible personnel. TA covers $4500.00 per fiscal year that breaks the costs down to: $250.00 per SH and $166.66 per QH. Since Tuition Assistance pays only for courses, members must pay for textbooks, course materials, and other fees out of pocket. These costs may be covered under U.S. Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA) up to $250.00 for qualified members. Member can also apply for the Coast Guard Supplemental Grant (SEG) up to $500.00 and must be used for first associates and/or bachelors.

AFLOAT School on Base: Vincennes University 
Point of Contact: Field Representative Mr. Roderick Davis. Cell: 510-434-4222

Last Modified 1/13/2016