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Procurement and Contracting Department

The Base Alameda Procurement & Contracting (P&C) Department provides supplies, services, and minor construction contracting for its customers under direction and guidance from the Base Commanding Officer and the Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center (SILC)-Base Support up to the current Simplified Acquisition Threshold of $150,000. P&C is responsible Base Alameda’s requirements and has procurement oversight for the numerous other units in their area of responsibility, which stretch primarily throughout northern California. These units include two Sectors, seven cutters, two air stations, nine stations, and other outlaying units. They are led by a Senior Field Contracting Officer (SFCO), who is delegated her duties and responsibilities by the SILC Chief of Contracting Office (COCO) for Base Support, Ms. Mia Grant.

P&C is located in Building 42 at Coast Guard Island. Key personnel include:

Department Head/SFCO:
Ms. Brittany Rusch (510) 437-3194

Team Lead for for Purchase Orders and SMAs:
SKC Jorge Gonzalez (510) 437-3669

Purchase Card A/OPC:
SKC Jorge Gonzalez (510) 437-3669

Micro-Purchase (<$3,000 for Supplies, <$2,500 for Services, <$2,000 for Construction) POCs:
SK1 Marcus L. Pereira (510) 437-5310 = HSWL and NED (WA) PRs
TBA, (510) 437-3179 = C4IT, Comptroller and FED PRs
SK1 Matthew L. King, (510) 437-5752 = NED (AN) and PSD PRs
Last Modified 1/13/2016