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Office of Auxiliary CG-BSX-1
Design Team Members
*Still Currently Involved with Site (01/08)

(in alphabetical order as of 2002)

Dan Bartell
(No longer a USCG Auxiliary member)

Somerville Flotilla 04-08, 1SR

Background (Computer): Wrote my first program in 1961 on a vacuum tube computer in binary encoded on punch cards. One K octal was a lot of memory then! You name it I have probably worked on it at one time or another. Current skills systems engineering, web design, perl script, javascript, C/C++, UNIX performance, and relational data bases.

Background (General Business): Recently retired from a management career at Telcordia/Bellcore/Bell Labs. I have managed or performed a wide variety of computer or computer related activities ranging from development and performance to customer support and program management.

Background (RBS): Member and Past Cdr Somerset Power Squadron and member of Absecon Island Power Squadron, units of United States Power Squadrons, Member of USPS Information Technology Committee (ITCom) responsible for all server programming and data base activities (AKA, USPS Senior Navigator, Senior Member and VE.

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Hal Leahy
(No longer a USCG Auxiliary member)

RBS - Vessel Examiner (VE), Marine Visitor (MV), Master Instructor (MI) OMS - Crew (CR), Private Aids Verifier (AV), Air Observer (AO), Auxiliary Watchstander (WS - Aux not CG),AUXOP
Riviera Beach, FL
Flotilla 51 7th District,
Member since July 1999
DVC-VT, BC-TT, VFC (until 31 Dec 02), FSO-CS

Background Computer: 25 years working as an application programmer and technical support specialist on the IBM mid-range line. Started with personal computers in 1979 with a TRS-80 model 1. Independent consultant since 1997.

Aux: DVC-VT, FSO-CS, Webmaster for DirAux 7 and member of the staff of DirAux West CCGD7(oax3), BC- TT (National Testing Center - a division of the National Training Department), CG-BSX-1 & D7 (oax) Computer Support Group, Auxiliary Mess Cook - Coast Guard Station Lake Worth Inlet, CG Boat Crew Break-in - CGSTALWI, Minor Aids to Navigation Technician (NE) Break-in Group Miami ANT. Past BC-VTS, SO-CS, VFC, FSO-IS. Dubbed by Tony Morris, Member Forum Moderator, the Resident Research Librarian Extradinaire (RRLE).

Faciities: Radio Facility - 10m Amateur Transportable Radio. Special Purpose Radio Facilities - Marine VHF Handheld , 2m Amateur Handheld Radio, 70cm Amateur Handheld Radio. Amateur Technician Class License - KA1HII.

Other RBS: Member of the Palm Beach Sail & Power Squadron, a unit of the USPS. Past Squadron Director-At-Large, Past RingMaster of the USPS WebRing and served on the USPS Information Technology Committee (ITCom). Advanced Pilot with Educational Proficiency and USPS Vessel Examiner.

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Paul Mayer

Background (Computers): Paul has been in personal computers since 1976 when he built his first computer. He is a self-taught programmer who has his own software company that produces payroll software for personal computers. He wrote the beginner's column for Shareware magazine for several years before they stopped publishing. He is the Vice President of Software Development for Rose City Software and Infinisource, Inc., a software company that publishes over 25 software titles. He also owns Paul's Web Designs, and for the last eight years has been designing and creating database driven web sites for clients such as the Air Force, Microsoft, AOL, the Coast Guard and many others. His special flair has been in creating powerful searchable on-line databases for a number of these clients. Paul is also a Past President of the Association of Shareware Professionals, a Shareware Industry Conference Hall of Fame Inductee, an Association of Shareware Professionals Hall of Fame Inductee and a Shareware Industry Conference Lifetime Achievement Inductee.

Background (General-Business): Currently President of ZPAY Payroll Systems, Inc. and Vice President of Software Development for Rose City Software and Infinisource, Inc.. Was the Manager of the Microsoft Network On-line Shareware Forum for Microsoft from the creation in 1994 until they got out of the content providing business at the end of 2000. Was Vice President of Photography for Marshall Photographer, Inc. in Chicago from 1972 through 1989.

Background (RBS): USCG Aux member for 10 years. Qualified in all programs and is a QE. Presently is a DVC-VC, BC-TT, ADSO-IS-CS (wm), SO-MT, SO-CS, Webmaster for,,,, Has held other offices in the past as DCP, VCP, ADSO-MS, FC, SO-PB, FSO-OP and FSO-PB. Created the National Email Directory and a number of Coast Guard and Auxiliary on-line sites and tools not listed above.

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Doug Simpson

8-6 Div 7
USCG Auxiliary

Background (Computers): Web Site Developer for Quorium, Southeastern Companies, PEO-USA, DSK Group, InsurtechUSA, Insure-USA, DirAux West, DirAux Annex (AuxeTrain), and Programmer for loss cost forecasting, reserve valuations and health data costs.

Background (General-Business): Currently Chief Risk Officer & Senior Vice President for Insurance and Human Resources for Southeastern and Insure-USA. Chief Underwriter for several Managing General Agencies, Fellow Society of Actuaries, Fellow Professional Liability & Casualty Underwriters and Society of Risk Management

Background (RBS): USCG Aux member for 14 years. Qualified in all programs and as a QE, Coast Guard Watchstander, 41ft boat crew, Minor Aid Tech, Group SAR Watchstander and CV inspections. Developed concept for DirAux West, and created basis for on line testing and e-administration. Served in each FSO position for Flotilla 8-6.

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Wayne Spivak*

Pt Lookout Flotilla 13-11, 1SR
Member since 2001

USCG Auxiliary

Background (Computers): Web Developer, Internet Consultant, Contributing Editor VAR Business, former columnist for Law Product News, among several other computer related titles, Owner; SBA.NET.WEB, a Web Service Provider and Internet consulting business, as well as SBA * Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in computerized accounting systems and networks.

Background (General-Business): Adjunct Faculty of Economics and Accounting Department; Lehman College, City University of New York, Bronx, NY teaching Accounting "101, 102" and computerized accounting (undergrad and graduate programs) (1995-2005), Chief Financial Officer; dna Model Management, LLC, number 1 high-fashion modeling agency in New York; Consultant to several other major modeling agencies, including Wilhelmina Models, Q Models, Karen Models and Madison Models. Freelance Writer.

Background (RBS): member, United States Power Squadrons (South Shore, D3), P/Stf/C of Information Technology Committee (former CIO - unofficial status for 5 years). Created and chief architect of USPS Internet presence, which included mailing lists, web sites, and news servers (along with Dan Bartell). Chief Information Officer, United Safe Boating Institute (USBI), created the Public Boating Course Database, under a grant by the USCG. Member of National Safe Boating Council, Inc. Member, USCG Auxiliary since December 2001. Special liaison to National "A" (Marketing and Public Relations) Department. Web designer for CGAuxA, Inc. web site. Web designer/Webmaster for other web sites involved in RBS not mentioned above. See AuxGuidanceSkills for full bio

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Jerry Turley

Lake Barkley Flotilla 08E 08 07
USCG Auxiliary

Background computers: Retired Central Office Supervisor for BellSouth. Working years from 1968 to retirement in 1994 was in charge of maintenance crews for all electronic central offices. We made dial tone with computers. My first BIG office that was all mine had 5 MB of memory (Chicago, Portsmouth 1970) Training on electronic systems started in 1967 and ended about 1993. AT&T and Nortel systems were the ones I was responsible for. We are the "telephone people" that are never seen. I've worked with fiber optics and T cxr systems enough to still be conversant in them. PC is self taught. Retirees have to do something. Currently serving the "I" department as website evaluator.

Background business: See above

Background RBS: Currently member U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. Member since 1997.

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