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Office of Auxiliary CG-BSX-1

Answers to some of the most commonly
asked questions regarding the
New Boat Crew Training Program

What materials are needed for this program? What are the ANSC order numbers?

2017 Boat crew Seaman ship Manual (M16114.5B) (4 inches thick, 1200+ pages)
(2 per flotilla. Also available in CD ROM in any quantity)
2018 Boat Crew Training Manual (M16794.51A)
2018a Boat Crew Qualification Guide Vol 1: Crew Member (M16794.52A)
2018b Boat Crew Qualification Guide Vol 2: Coxswain (M16794.53A)
2019c Boat Crew Qualification Guide Vol 3: PWC Operator (M16794.54A)
(Notes: Member names and numbers are needed to order 2018 - 1018c.
They can also be downloaded from the internet.)

What are the most significant differences between the old and the current program?

  1. "Mentors" sign-off on the individual tasks with "QE's" signing-off the last two tasks: Dockside Oral Exam and Underway Check-ride. Both Crew and Coxswain have these tasks. QE cannot be mentor and QE to the same individual.
  2. There is a "Swim" task for Crew candidates to be done in a swimming pool, preferably heated.
  3. Coxswain search pattern tasks require: 4 patterns plotted ashore with one (1) being run underway.
  4. TCT is required of Crew Members and Coxswains. (with refresher every 5 years)
  5. There is a Night Navigation and Piloting Exercise for both crew and coxswain candidates. There is no towing involved with these tasks; the focus is on navigation/piloting abilities.

Why only 2 Seamanship Manuals for each Flotilla?

This is the same manual used by the Coast Guard and is intended to be a "resource" to be shared. Auxiliarists are only required to know the information applicable to our program, and therefore the entire contents of the manual is deemed to be unnecessary for all trainees to have. Also, the role of the mentor is to work closely with the candidates to "train them", providing photocopies of applicable pages to trainees where reinforcement of the information is needed.

What are mentors? Who assigns them? Are inter-flotilla and/or division training allowed, and if so, who are the mentors?

The flotilla commanders or their designee (FSO-MT or FSO-OP) assign mentors to trainees. Mentors should be assigned based on their experience and ability to pass on the information they have learned themselves. If inter-flotilla and/or division training is offered with mentors from other flotillas, the flotilla commanders (FC's) need to give their approval of the mentors who will be signing off their members. This keeps the FC's "in the loop" in knowing who is signing off their members.

What is the role of the QE in the new program?

QE's do the final "oral examination" dockside and "check-ride" for both crew and coxswain candidates. Only one (1) QE is needed for these tasks, significantly reducing the number of missions QE's will be called upon. QE's may QE members of their own flotillas with prior approval from their AQEC. . Note: There is nothing stated in the manuals prohibiting QE's from being mentors, but a QE cannot be both a QE and mentor to the same individual.

What about TCT? Who needs it and by when?

All crew members and coxswains need to retake the course every 5 years. QE's need to retake the course every 2 years. Auxiliarists are welcome to attend any TCT course being offered by the Auxiliary or the Coast Guard (i.e., at CG boat stations, cutters, groups, MSO's, etc.).

Who is eligible to train in the program?

A member needs to have completed a boating safety course or challenged the Auxiliary BS&S or S&S Exam. Task BCM-08-01-AUX documents completing this requirement. Physical requirements are discussed below.

What about physical requirements?

There are no specific requirements for age, weight, strength, or endurance, however, trainees need to meet the following standards in completing each qualification task: "(1) each task must be performed personally by the trainees, with no physical assistance; (2) each task must be performed without hesitation; and (3) each task must be performed with confidence." (quote from Boat Crew Training Manual)

How many tasks are there and how long does it take to complete the program?

There are 57 Crew tasks and 64 Coxswain tasks. Candidates have two years from the date of the first task signed off by a mentor to complete the program.

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