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The Director of the Auxiliary is the direct representative of the Commandant of the United States Coast Guard to the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. (Title 14, USC Chapt. 23)

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the uniformed volunteer component of Team Coast Guard. Founded in 1939 by an Act of Congress as the US Coast Guard Reserves and re-designated the Auxiliary in 1941. The 30,000+ volunteer members (men and women) donate millions of hours in support of Coast Guard missions.

Items of Interest


1. In concert with Objective #6 of the National Recreational Boating Safety Strategic Plan, which is to reduce the number of boating fatalities attributed to Boating Under the Influence, and funded by Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Safety Trust Fund non-profit grants to the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators, the Coast Guard's message authorizing Coast Guard participation and support for the sixth annual Operation Drywater message has been released, and follows below.

2. Please promote Operation Drywater awareness and participation as much as possible. And enjoy the water this weekend, knowing that our state law enforcement partners and involved Coast Guard units will be busy with this endeavor.

R 251940Z JUN 14
A. U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Law Enforcement Manual (MLEM), COMDTINST M16247.1 (series)

1. The purpose of this ALCOAST is to provide notice of this years Operation Dry Water (ODW) and encourage maximum participation from Coast Guard units consistent with Area and District Commanders direction.

2. Alcohol use continues to be a leading cause in recreational boating related accidents, injuries and deaths. Alcohol was a contributing factor in sixteen percent of all recreational boating deaths in 2013. ODW directly supports a variety of objectives identified in the Strategic Plan of the National Recreational Boating Safety Program that is focused on reducing deaths and injuries nationally.

3. ODW will be conducted the weekend of 27-29 June. This is the sixth year for this national multi-agency boating under the influence (BUI) education, detection and enforcement event. The national goal is to significantly reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents, injuries, and deaths among recreational boaters.

4. This year, the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA), in partnership with COMDT (CG-BSX-2), and many other boating safety partners, will once again coordinate this nationwide event. Marine law enforcement agencies throughout the 56 states and territories will intensify BUI awareness and enforcement through increased patrols and established sobriety checkpoints.

5. Coast Guard units are encouraged to partner with state boating law administrators and local law enforcement agencies to make this years ODW a success. Operations permitting, unit Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge are strongly encouraged to support and participate in the sixth national BUI enforcement effort and awareness event. Units shall conduct BUI enforcement in conjunction with normal law enforcement operations. Thus, USCG units shall not establish blockades or other checkpoints designed specifically to detect intoxicated operators. However, this prohibition does not preclude Coast Guard units from assisting and participating alongside our law enforcement partners if they establish blockades or checkpoints. Units shall review ref (a) to ensure compliance with current Coast Guard policy.

6. NASBLA and COMDT (CG-BSX-2) have created a special ODW website, which has information on this initiative including national media press releases, public service announcements, posters, and brochures that can be used to promote this nationwide effort. The web address is

7. To ensure that participation by Coast Guard field units is accurately captured, units planning on participating in this years event must register at At the conclusion of the ODW event, participating units shall fill out the online report form on the ODW website

8. In 2013, all 50 states and six territories participated in the fifth annual ODW event. Over 6,000 marine law enforcement officers representing over 500 law enforcement agencies nationwide, which included 119 Coast Guard operational units, made contact with 144,044 boaters on 58,171 recreational vessels. Federal, state, and local marine law enforcement officers made 290 arrests for BUI. Additionally, there were 4,942 citations and 12,217 warnings for other recreational boating related safety violations during the three-day weekend.

9. Media coverage for ODW was once again extensive during the entire event. The combined national and state agency media outreach efforts resulted in strong media coverage for the 2013 ODW event. As a result of the strong outreach efforts, ODW was highlighted in 782 television news stories, 1,056 online mentions, including social media sites, 135 print articles and 139 wire stories and hyperlink mentions.

10. Units having additional questions or wishing to participate in this operation are encouraged to contact their respective District Recreational Boating Safety Specialist for guidance in coordinating efforts in this unique pulse op.

11. COMDT (CG-BSX-2) POC: Joseph Carro (202)372-1068, or joseph.j.carro(AT)

12. RDML Paul Thomas, Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy and RDML Peter Brown, Assistant Commandant for Response Policy, send.

13. Internet release authorized.

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1. This morning, in recognition of the outstanding and unparalleled achievements of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary at the time of its 75th anniversary, the Commandant of the Coast Guard awarded the Coast Guard Unit Commendation to all Auxiliarists who have served during the past five years. The citation follows:

The Commandant of the Coast Guard takes pleasure in presenting the COAST GUARD UNIT COMMENDATION to:


for service as set forth in the following


"For exceptionally meritorious service from June 24, 2009 to June 23, 2014, while providing unprecedented levels of dedicated public service and operational support to the U. S. Coast Guard's missions. Demonstrating remarkable professionalism and boating safety expertise, the Auxiliary performed over 1.1 million vessel safety checks and marine dealer visits, delivered over 540 thousand hours of boating safety course instruction and conducted over 809 thousand hours of public outreach. Displaying superior underway and airborne operational proficiency, Auxiliarists logged over 19.8 million hours of support and patrol missions, saved over one thousand lives, assisted over 20 thousand boaters in distress and prevented the loss of more than 185 million dollars in property. The Auxiliary always answered the call, remaining in lockstep with the Coast Guard's response to every major incident. In 2010, unique Auxiliary talents were brought to bear in the international response to the Haitian earthquake, blazing new trails in the application of social media to locate and save dozens of trapped victims. Also during that year, well-qualified Auxiliarists filled essential incident command post watch positions and augmented active duty units to support the Deepwater Horizon response. Similarly in 2012, Auxiliary commitment following Super Storm SANDY and Hurricane IRENE was instrumental to effective Coast Guard response and recovery operations. The Auxiliary consistently found innovative ways to support the Coast Guard, including establishment of the Auxiliary Food Services program which trained Auxiliarists to augment Coast Guard galleys, afloat and ashore. Auxiliarists involved with Public Affairs, Interpreter Corps, America's Waterway Watch, and many other programs further contributed to Coast Guard success by volunteering their professional talents, mastery of trade, and disciplined initiative wherever and whenever needed. The Auxiliary's unwavering efforts directly contributed to unprecedented national boating safety achievements, highlighted in 2013 with the fewest boating fatalities in 50 years. Despite incredible challenges amid keen competition for America's volunteers, the Auxiliary grew its membership, provided over 22 million hours of inspirational support to the Coast Guard, and kept our Nation's coasts, lakes, and waterways safe and secure. The professionalism, pride, and devotion to duty displayed by the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Coast Guard."


Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard

2. Appropriate AUXDATA entries for all awardees will be made through the Office of the Chief Director of Auxiliary (CG-BSX). Appropriate ribbons and stars will be distributed to District Director of Auxiliary offices by the end of July.

3. When Admiral Zukunft presented this award to COMO Mallison, the Commandant stressed the sincere appreciation of a grateful active duty Coast Guard for our volunteer servant leader force, and Admiral Zukunft lead all active duty members in a standing ovation for the Auxiliarists who were present. Congratulations to the men and women of our U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, and thank you for your continued service!
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  75th Anniversary of the Auxiliary

R 122141Z JUN 14
UNCLAS //N16790//
ALCOAST 271/14


1. Congress founded the Coast Guard Auxiliary in 1939 as an organization of volunteers to promote boating safety and to augment the United States Coast Guard. On 23 June 2014, we will celebrate the Auxiliary's 75th anniversary of dedicated and heroic service to our Nation.

2. The Auxiliary provided sustained mission excellence to the Nation and the Coast Guard during this diamond anniversary year, as it has throughout its proud history. This year, Auxiliarists delivered over 4.2 million hours of operational and administrative manpower to Coast Guard missions. Auxiliary instructors spent over 96,000 hours teaching boating safety classes, and its vessel examiners performed over 130,000 recreational and fishing vessel safety checks. Auxiliary operators performed more than 66,000 hours of SAR mission support saving over 470 lives and assisting 13,000 members of the boating public. Much to the credit of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, the number of boating safety-related deaths in the U.S. reached a historic low for a second consecutive year.

3. Congratulations to the Coast Guard Auxiliary for 75 years of outstanding service. In recognition of the profound devotion, sacrifice, and achievement of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, I will award them with the Coast Guard Unit Commendation at Coast Guard Headquarters on June 23. Please join me in honoring their long and distinguished history of service by congratulating Auxiliarists throughout your regions and by proudly hoisting the Auxiliary colors.

4. Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, Commandant, sends.

5. Internet release authorized.

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1. On this 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, please take time to remember the heroes of that day and to examine an in-depth review of U.S. Coast Guard involvement. The following link will take you to the Coast Guard Historian's web site where an engaging article by Mr. Scott T. Price details Coast Guard actions:

2. Toward the end of the article is a photo of a plaque provided by the Coast Guard Combat Veterans Association back in 1994. Its words are most humbling and honorable:

Dedicated this 6th day of June, 1994 to the members of the United States Coast Guard who participated in the initial invasion of Normandy on D-Day, especially to those who gave their lives here, and to all United States Coast Guard forces who served worldwide on land, sea and air during WWII. The nations of the world shall long remember Normandy; the United States Armed Forces, their allies and the cost of freedom at this place.

The United States Coast Guard motto is, as always, "Semper Paratus" Always Ready."

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